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Mathematics - Hav Mercy

feat. Killa Sin, La the Darkman

"Hav Mercy.."

[Intro: Killa Sin (La the Darkman)]
(Yeah) Yeah, yeah, so be it
Another year down (uh), Killa Sin
Killa Sin, Allah Mathematics (The Darkman)
(La the Darkman) Word up, another Wu Banga (Yeah)
Check it out though, yo, yo.

[Killa Sin]
Lord forgive me, please hear these cries
Please prepare me for the loneliness the world provide
I need you dearly, to you I speak through the heart of a child
Sincerly hope you listenin', I'm hurtin' inside
You got so many of us flirtin' with pride, I'm workin' with time
Tryin' to a better life provide a life which rightfully mine
But circumstances and these petty fights is snipin' the mind
How can I man so insightful be subjected to the questions?
All the wise, I acknowledge God if wisdom applied
Most understand what I visualize, while love is criticized
My life, they make it so spitful that they pity mine
You know I'll circle the globe for brothers fifty times

[Chorus x2: La the Darkman]
Hav Mercy on me, my wisdom, my seeds
Hav Mercy on hustlers, thugs and thieves
Hav Mercy on the poor tryin' to survive
Hav Mercy on inmates fightin' to stay alive

[Killa Sin]
It's you I ask for forgiveness, you gave me the priveledge to live
With two beautiful souls who had a vision
So what we had to live in The Projects
There's more lessons to learn, persuaded, gave birth to more concepts
The main thing, we had each other, together, the family
Moms, Pops, two brothers, complete, it's all I need
But suddenly you had another vision for me to see
And understandin' that so many youngsters to believe
Moms sick of Pops shittin', now he's ready to leave
Our Pops tired of the arguin', he feel he can't breathe
But the whole time, I couldn't help with feelin' the speed
And to this day I feel the same way to a certain degree
So Lord please Hav Mercy on me
For all the anger I gave to my Queen, I'm now safe for the beast
And even though I have a tendency to slip when I speak
I pray for my love and strength to keep my cipher complete
Because now I'm the foundation, pacin'
Thinkin' ironically, I'm in the same situation
Damn.. Ironically I'm in the same situation

[Chorus x2]

[Killa Sin]
You see God, all I'm sayin' is this
That if at any time you need me I'll be there in a split
Just place ya hand on my shoulder, man, and give me a lift
And take my last breath away with ya heavenly mist
So if you have to I'd've blast out my enemy's fist
But it's alright, I'm prepared for that day
Nah, I'm not sayin' innocent
But until I deminish I'ma fight for what I write and I say
All givin', to my Grand Earth Ruby, that I miss her to death
And I'll give her anything for a kiss on the head
Before I go may I ask you for one more request?
And Lord please Hav Mercy on everyone else

[Chorus x2]

[Outro: La the Darkman]
Yeah, yeah, uh-huh
Allah Mathematics
Tomorrow.. yeah
Killa Sin, La the Darkman
"You're a ghetto boy" [x3]

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