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Mathematics - Pimpology 101

feat. Buddah Bless

[Intro: Buddah Bless]
It's plain to see, you can't change me
Cuz I'ma be a pimp for life

[Buddah Bless]
Who's the mack? You see the Benz? Yeah I'm crusin' that
You see the Timbs with the Gucci pact, you see the lucci stack?
Screamin', where the hoochies at?
I'm that nigga, that'll leave the coochie fat
Step off, you know the clothes, kind of droopy cat
Daddy, with the white tee, on the wife beat'
Accomidated nicely, with the ice piece
Blingin' like a disco ball, all on the white piece
I'm slick like Crisco oil, my forefathers were fed great
All these players wanna hate, and I'm just bringin' the game up to date
Macaroni, for sheez, all I needs the cheese
So please, get on your knees and freeze
Gangsta, ain't nothing square about me
One of my bitches passed, and it ain't bring a tear up out me
All I said was that I'm sorry that I had to blew you, baby

You were there... and no one else
Can be in my corner, darling
It's you that I'll do nothing to love
And I placed no one above
Oh... how can I ever face ya?

[Buddah Bless]
See the game is you gotta be chosen
I'm the pimp, so you gotta be ho
Gift of gab, I talk so fast, I make 'em walk on glass
And before, she start bleeding, she be back on the track
Getting that, trap on the back, ain't no slack on the mack
How could I change the game, this the only life I know
There goes another brother in love, try'nna wife a ho
Baby, I'm talkin' bout pimpin', been since pimpin', since been pimpin...
See the game is you gotta be chosen
I'm a player, man, you know?
I ain't wettin' these hoes, how I look
Being with one chick, when there's hundreds
I can have fun with, roll blunts with, my dog
While we hittin' these broads, I can't even understand
Why y'all be sweatin' these broads
Couldn't understand, why they make up to break up
To gettin' in shape love, for tears, to wake up
I drive cars to forsake love, cuz I seen
People live their heart open, just to see their heart broken
Tomorrow hoping, through the hurt, that they come back
Yeah, love'll leave, you deserted, straight like that
Snap, put somebody in your place like that
How can love go and take somebody faith, like that?
It's sad how something so good, can be so bad
Something bringin' so much joy, could leave so mad
Mama say you can hide, love will find you baby
You can run, love will always be behind you baby
Now I don't care, even if you refuse it baby
One day, love is gonna knock on your door and say

Take you home and make you, my loving wife
So we can always be together, all day and night

[movie sample]
Now remember, a pimp is only as good as his block
Yeah... just tied up his women up
Now you gots to go out there, and you got to get the best ones
You can find, and you gotta work them broads, like nobody's
Ever worked them before... and never forget
Anybody can control a woman but....
See... but the key is to control her mind
You see pimpings, been pimpings, since been pimpings
It's goin' been going on, since the beginning of time
And it's gonna continue, straight ahead
Til somebody out there turns out the lights on you, a long time
Can you dig it? (Yeah, yeah, I can dig it)
You gonna have a bank roll so big, when you walk down the street
It's gonna look like ya pockets got the mumps
(Hey yea, they gonna have to rewrite the maccabean book
You know, cuz I'ma be the new king, I'm gonna be so cool
Put the blunt in here, man, that they gonna have to change
The name of the game... you know? And uh...
And I'm gonna get the hottest bitches I can find
A whole boat load of money, and I'ma get myself
Some fine looking vines and a great looking ride
And I'm just gonna, stir it all up... hahahah)

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