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Mathematics - Real Nillaz

feat. Buddah Bless, Eyeslow, Ghostface Killah, Raekwon

[Intro: sample (Ghostface Killah)]
"I'm two blind to -- see the light"
"A fool can't -- see the light"
(Yeah... uh-huh)
"A fool can't -- see the light"
(Yo.... yo....)

[Ghostface Killah]
Portable DATs, Sony headphones
El Dorado's, thousand dollar bottles, get blown
Dippin' at Willie's, Millie Jackson chicks
Dusted out Blondie, slide me, we wrote the bowl, we take the magnets
Man handling the mics, wool scarves, Evil Knievel bikes
I like eggs in my rice, circus money, read the Staten Island funnies
Eighty seven, Shallah rock, lotto's and the gumby
Tri-boro, fly negro, rap for Glaciers
Do it for cee-lo games, chasers
Battle for bitches, million dollar cribs
Grandfather gamble those wit ribs
Yes he did, life is wonderful, fly living rooms
Brass brooms, catch me in the city of wasps
Dusted out with Doc Doom, slide you in
Thirty six to the hip, you need Neo
Sock it to me G.O., the block we spot V.O
Live at the handball session, white Wimbledon's
Send them, my throat is the top session for men
Rap graduate, seen through the needles that was used by great
Fuck around and get rocked for three notes
And fuck your bitch ass alligators
When I see you on stage, throw out the gauge
My man's dough made it ---

[Chorus x2: Buddah Bless]
Real nillaz do real things
Gold me'dal with the real bling
Ghetto child with the real sling
Throw the blaow, with the real aim
Hold it down for your nillaz, keep it real man
Lean back one time as you feel the liquor
Light a match, one time, inhale the ciga'
Blow the mack one time, when you kill a nigga
Real always gonna recognize real, my nilla

I hold it down with vets, make threats and take like chess
Blow cess to sets, break life sweats
Rep from the home of chrome, in eight flight steps
Town houses, white grams, brown ounces
After school drug deal courses, pound counslers
Round thousands, rubberband, black accountants
We them hood prowlers, live pushers
Try to hook the stripper, before they wipin' out they eye boogers
Stampede, nailed him, Sonny, Bronx Tale
Them locked the doors, he's home, now you can't leave
OD'ing in the Kennedy suite
Too hot to think, move for my enemy streets
I don't sleep cause the drama might catch you on the beauty nap
It's doobie rap, feds want you with a boobie trap


[Interlude: sample]
"Ooh I'm too blind -- I see the light"
"A fool can't -- see the light"
"A fool can't -- see the light"
"But a fool -- a fool - can't see the light"
"Ooh I'm too blind -- I see the light"
"Ooh I'm too blind -- I see the light"
"But a fool -- a fool - can't see the light"
"A fool can't -- see the light"

Aiyo, elephant guns, mad ounces
Colorful whips, slapped up bouncers
Vouche, crawling like a unit
Fly fragrance, faceless, rarely out of spaceships
Many fakes got lynched, see all up on the graphic
Taylor made mortals, leanin' on suede walls, leather's on
Ballers, maybe Benz lensers, sprayin' out of sixes
Christmas money, vicious consolidated drama rip bitches
The rich version of back, side scraper paper
Wu belt makers, show & prove that all my shit match
Tri-colored diamond, foreign color five, all kinds of iron
Swiss cheese, yo, big boy, we giants

[Hook x2: Eyeslow]
Aiyo, my niggaz get dramatic
Pump shots, nine glocks, semi-automatic
Blat, take that, from this lyrical fanatic
We can go to war, or just peep the diplomatic
For paper, I'm an addict


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