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Mathematics - Return Of Da Cobra (Skit)

feat. Buddah Bless

[Buddah Bless]
Yo, I'm like a shotgun ready to blow, ready to pop one
Who ready to know, who bettin' the dough
Bet his brains leave blood on the floor
Other than atom, just lovin' the fact I'm live
Nigga ain't gonn ask to ride
The Cherokee engine in the mud, cherokee indian in my blood
Thug be, with the blood leaf, Buddah
Always gonna be the smoke in the air
Livin' off a hope, and a dare
And I'm focusin' here, open the beer
Nigga, countin' up a loaf in the chair, baby
I'm all in the throat, you feelin' me all in the choke
Killin' me all... oops, I'm at it again
Writin' a thousand bars hopin' my brother come out of the pen
I stay in a bottle of gin, hidin' the sins

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