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Mathematics - Strawberries & Cream

feat. Allah Real, Ghostface Killah, Inspectah Deck, RZA

"Who I sleep with is my own personal business"
"Nah, man, no, who you sleep with
The first face you see in the mornin
Is very, significant, man, that's where you get your energy from
It's your mirror, can you dig it?"

[Intro: Allah Real (Inspectah Deck)]
I'm thinking of the drop?
Peace beautiful how you doing?
You know I always see you, girl I wanna know
You know what I had in my mind for you
I just wanted to let you know that, damn girl
(To all the queens), just give me a chance
(To all the earths), I know you dig me, and I dig you (the goddesses)
And I don't see why we can't make this happen
(All the wisdoms) All you gotta do is have the will in yo mind
And the will in mine -- I already got the will in my mind
To say let's make it happen -- (all the syrens)
Let's just see it, man, let's just find out
Because I see the way you look at me, and I look at you
The thing's that on my mind are all the time
It's heaven, girl -- it's just heaven (yo, yo)

[Inspectah Deck]
Love or lust, voluptious strain struck my eye
Black butterly, said she'd never love another guy
I was a secret lover, now she says the'll be no other
Hard to keep each other, knowing one day will be discovered
See, I love ya, since my childhood, ma, look how you've grown
We used to zone off and making love through the phone
Now, stay with me, daisy lady drive me crazy
Crazy tried to kill my baby, steal my baby, baby

[Interlude: Allah Real]
Girl, I wanna know, you know what
Fact, listen girl (I wanna know)
Just like everybody wanna come at you
I'm comin' at you, but I'm the real man
That wanna let you know something
I wanna let you know, you got it, girl
You know what I mean? You got it, you got the flavor
Like raspberry to strawberries, girl
You the one I need

High priced ice on my neck, cause the windchill
She melt like a snowflake up against my car windshield
Eyes like a reindeer, lost, innocent Bambi
Toss the jammy from me, loved the life family
Long talks and pillow fights, walking at night
All she needed was a little light, shorty shining bright
E-mails flirtin' with you, Bobby bout to burst a missile
Wanted to hurt or tickle, girl, could you slurp it, would you?

[Interlude: Allah Real]
Can you hear me? Can you hear what I'm sayin' to you girl?
I'm trynna show you how much I feel, the way I feel for you
But here we go again, ma, one more time
All you gotta do is just take a listen
Just listen to me baby, ok? Just listen
Listen to my needs, listen to your needs

[Ghostface Killah]
Five and a half in Boys, ass is off the hook
High school pussy, heard you got the best noogie
Sugar walls, watch your love, slide right on my dick
I'm palmin' ya ass like this while you ridin' it
I'm about to cum boo-boo, chill for a sec
I feel it at the tip, ma', your pussy too wet
One false move and I will blast like the very first time
Burnt you with candle wax/wax, while you was slobbin' mine
Dick is sensitive, you move, baby here it is
Oh Lord, I told you not to move, you dumb broad
Cummin' for days, wettin' ya caves
My dick is like the sprinklers and maybe ya dush, I'm here to save the day
Solomon was wise and I got fifty other bitches
Some eat bitches, some bitches fuck my niggaz
Solomon was wise and I got fifty other bitches
Some eat bitches, some bitches fuck my niggaz

[Allah Real]
Girl I wanna know..
You know you always stayin' on my mind
Listen to our niggaz, ok girl
Girl I wanna know..
Because together we can make a change
That'll be like, ahhh
You feel me girl, do you feel me?
Girl I wanna know..
You always on my mind, girl, always
I wanna know, you know you always stayin' on mind
Can you tell me what I need to know girl?

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