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Mathematics - Two Shots Of Henny

feat. Allah Real, Angie Neil, Buddah Bless, Eyeslow, ...

[Chorus: Eyeslow (Angie Neil)]
One cup of Henny's, got me feeling good
Two cup of Henny's, got the dick on wood
Three cup of Henny's, got me stumblin', whoadee
Four cups, yeah, now it's a party
Work your body, jerk your body
But please don't hurt nobody
Work your body, jerk your body
(But please don't hurt nobody)

I crack an L, when I roll it up, I puff inhale
Exhale, while I hold my nuts
I count the knot, while I fold it up
I put Queens on the spot, yeah, now watch me blow it up
I used to be a little nigga, now I'm growin' up
I'm buck, plus in the whip, yo, I throw the clutch
Gettin' nice on the bike, yo, I throws it up
Livin' in the fast lane, I'm a soldier, what?
I got the ice with the colder cut, got the dice to the point
That every time that I roll, it's bucks
I got the mic to the point, that every time
That I flow, is nuts
I'm livin' life, like blow a butt
Four-five cigars keep niggaz rollin' up
Four-five cars deep, when we rollin' up
Four-five in the jeep, leave you foldin' up
Four-five-six, freaks on these swollen nuts
Come here, bitch, let me hold your bust
Turn around, bend down, yeah, now let me mold ya butt
It ain't nuthin' but a g-string, baby
Two big butt cheeks going crazy
I got that leak with the colder cut
Anytime you smell the stink in the air, man, you know it's us
We get the drink and the head, man, you know we drunk


[Buddah Bless]
I'm all that, and a bag of chips
I'm all that, and a four-five mag of clips
On the strength, it'll hit you from a block away
Got a cousin that'll rip you out in Rockaway
Got a brother that's locked away, ya'll niggaz was hot
Yesterday, but you're not today
Had rocks yesterday, you don't got today
Had the block yesterday, where the block today?
I'mma stop smoking and drinking, but not today


[Interlude: Panama P.I.]
Pimp left, pimp right, pimp left, pimp right
Left, it's going down, right, pimp left, pimp right

[Hot Flames]
You can catch Flames at the bar, where the drinks
And the chicks at, Don P, walk by, you know I gotta get that
Throw a few lines, maybe later I can hit that
Fuck 'em low cups, bartender, where the pimp at?
Hen' on the rocks, got me tipsy
Old flame sayin' she missed me, tried to kiss me
I get that, Dutchies being rolled up, dog, let me hit that
Before the bounce, we smell it and then we gotta clip that
Open mic got up on the stage, and I ripped that
Now I'm in the bathroom, chicks lickin' where my dick at
Haters wanna kill me, all they do is grill me
Niggaz that step up, get beat down quickly
Play the wall, only if a chick there with me
Beat her in the head, til the chick feel silly
Throwin' lines, like 'ma, I don't want you to blow
And I know you got a man, we crush on the low, you know?'


[Panama P.I.]
Bitches get pierced like belly buttons
All my peeps and my fam in the telly fuckin'
And the d's and the feds can't tell us nothing
So if you rollin' with the God, let's do something
Come on, with an L in my hand, I write a hell of a jam
We may have a knife, but we better than fam
Every time you see the Gods, they like where's the charm?
If you knock 'em out the park, like Barry Bonds
I got a, scary pops and a scary moms
And I fuck with the hood, til we carry arms
Started personal, and I can't stand these dudes
Just for speaking man-to-man, they starting family feuds


[Hook 2X: Allah Real]
Step into the club
Where there's sex and lot of drugs
And the thugs, they love, to, bust slugs, ohhh

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