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Matt Fingaz - We Got It

feat. Punch & Words

There's a first time for everything...Words

My mind has so many subjects I could aid a king
Lynch all you rappers just to get the hang of things
The truth, no special effets
Its hard for you to go against me head to head like homosexual sex
No rescue attempts, aight, chill (aight?)
For bragging rights black and white Farenheits that'd melt
your ice grill, done deally
You hit the pad once a month like periods
I'm the flesh that connects at currency's pyramids, experiment
Optional executions
Y'all niggas mentions Words, but won't do nothin like revolutions
Every man is created equal, besides me
Specifications on my I.D., I multiply by three
Confrontations will help you collect your compensation check
My stats so high it has an observation deck
Autobiographic, let ya have it
My brains packed with so many (w)raps it contracts fire hazards
Tracks-mastered, there's an additional mix
I'ma step up cause I write while y'all listen to this
Accordingly, a chance formally for you to ?reformaly?
Operate, your a orderly, you sound anal orberly
Only get rotation when promotin at the station
You ain't overrated, you only got signed cause your related

[Chorus: All]

[M.F] Want chicks that give head?
[All] Just ask us
[M.F] Want pussy instead?
[All] Just ask us
[M.F] Hot raps and hot tracks?
[All] Just ask us
[M.F] Anything from flows to hoes
[All] We got it

[Matt Fingas]
Too many girls in this world got their morals confused
Like electric (???) got the chorus confused
I'm gettin bomb threats from concepts, according to who?
You know the Matt Fingas haters I suppose is a few
I'm Caught Up, like the movie gettin all torn up
In a rap race, rat race, all for what?
Never drivin if you punks, you can call a bus
Can't hang with us, double till you ball like us
We all in, get my people or repeat it again
Till we all sign the dotted line with the rottenous rhymes
Live in time, major labels better watch their behinds
And greedy girls always want ice monotonous dimes
"That's a bitch move" Something that Canibus wouldn't approve
Start lookin to the most high, spiritually loose
Take my battle ax to battle cats, split em in two
And if were not going gold I'ma blame it on you


On point and ready, two sips of Henny
Had your gril doin Striptease like Demi
The way she fake an orgasm she should get an Emmy
Said to many (what?), "Lapdance for a penny"
For those that envy, squeeze till I'm empty
When I come through, talk under your breath like Benny
Cash by the bundle, ass on the humble
Slow with no trouble, you cuff the mic and mumble
On the corners I hustle, careers crumble
For money I fiend, turn my Eyes-Green like E Double
I drink octane and spit hot flames
And wish your moms would've swallowed you when your pops came
I got game for all rappers
I get up in that ass like Gooden's cancer
Words and Punchline we ahead of the game
Love girls who give brain plus the cash and fame


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