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Matt Palmer - Symphony

[Verse 1:]
I thought I knew it all
I was too strong to fall that deep
I was so naive
But you knew all along
So you waited patiently
For my eyes to see

[Pre-Chorus 1:]
Now my arms are open wide
And my heart is filled inside
There is only you, you're all that's on my mind

So stay here til tomorrow
Well last forever & a day
There's no plan left to follow
When you're wrapped up in loves embrace
I'll never cause you sorrow
So won't you take this leap of faith
Before my heart was hollow
Now lifes the sweetest symphony

[Verse 2:]
Musics playing in my head
Every word you said to me
Is a melody
I lay awake up in my bed
And thank the Lord for saving me
You set me free

[Pre-Chorus 2:]
Now here come the strings
They play and my heart sings
I feel your love; it's washing over me



[Pre-Chorus 3:]
Always had one special wish
That someday Id feel like this
And in my life you are the greatest gift

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