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Mau Maus - Blak Iz Blak

feat. Canibus, Charli Baltimore, Gano Grills, MC Serch,

[Hard Black:]
Peep the math
Mau Mau be about land and freedom
Reperation and apologies, for Africa to America oddesseys
Guerilla-type tactics on them socialistic fallacies
It be about, the devestations of the social doministic thought
Keep a brown man down sport
They wantin to keep our [?] set nigga
The way Franz Fanon put it, you lucky I ain't "wretched" yet

[Big Black - Mos Def:]
Yo, you fucked up in the game now
It's Big Black, Mr. Chairman of the Mau Mau
I hear the world in all-black surround sound
Barricaded so you can't move around now
Doin this for my clan that ain't around now
Buried six feet deep beneath the ground now
My loud sound pound down make the earth crush in and bow down
There's faultlines in the ground now - shake 'em down

[Smooth Black - Charli Baltimore:]
Black Chevy, Mau Maus, gats ready
BLAOW BLAOW, black deadly, femme fatale
Underground, rats in this rat race
And black race cats sell out to the blackface
And rag grin, laugh not my light skin
Be S-M-O-O-T-H from pH
UHH, backseat strappin in
Cause I'm the only bitch with Big Black and them

[Chorus: Big Black & Mau Maus]
Who the crew? M-A-U, M-A-U, gun ready
Bout to attack the track when BLAK IZ BLAK
Mau Maus (HOOTIE HOO!) We was born to roll!
Who the crew? M-A-U, M-A-U, aim fire
Bout to attack the track when BLAK IZ BLAK

[Mo Black - Canibus:]
Yo, yo
Yo when Mo Black start to black out bitches pass out
Stick my black dick in they mouth and dig they back out
Black monk like Thesalonius, the government got a black phobia
That's why they tap my black Nokia
Black fathers, black mothers, black brothers
Handcuffed to each other, goin upstate in black buses
Black thugs, wrap drugs in backwoods
Smoke til they got black tongues, black lips and black lungs
Blak is blak, wack MC's get smacked
Forced to go home and dial 1-800-I-CAN'T-RAP

[1/16th Black - MC Serch:]
Aiyyo who that? Yo right there; blue eyes, and black hair
Kill 'em with a rhyme, or the bottom of my Nike Airs
So quick son pick one, you don't want me to finish
Or I'll quickly take you to 1950 and do you like the British
Head on a spear, contusions ear to ear
For Africa Maxima, I'm a drive you out of here
Mr. 1/16th, born to kill your self esteem
Born from part devil, part cracker from Queens
Knowledge that we drop, you don't even build with
That's like me winnin a rap Grammy, givin it to Liz Smith


[Jo Black:]
Yo, yo
Everything black is wack and shit
Blackheads, blackmail, black cats and shit
Funerals, niggaz gotta wear black and shit
Black cars, black clothes on they backs and shit
Blackballed, if we don't kiss they ass and shit
Blacklisted see ya nigga, and you're gone that's it
White bitches, they wanna be black and shit
Tan lotion on they white flat ass and shit

[Double Black:]
Aiyyo all the Mau Maus gather up and let's attack
Because they're tryin to fuck with our images
And I think that shit is crazy wack
And as a matter of fact, they want us niggaz
To smile and laugh - I guess they never seen a bloodbath
Brothers and sisters are dyin, babies are bein taken out
So what the fuck they want me to rap about?
About how happy I am, to be livin in the slum
Where little shorties walk around totin big guns


[Repeat in background:]
Hard Black droppin science, born to roll
Mau Maus droppin science, born to roll
Hard Black droppin science, born to roll
Mau Maus droppin science, born to roll

[Hard Black:]
Nigga, nigga you think these rhymes?
You think they fuckin rhymes? This this this this PHILOSOPHY
This the end of redneck-ass catastrophes
Puttin a plunger in the, ass of my history!
Forty-one shots of reality for the generations to come after me!
As it be, hell hath no FURY like a black man scorned
Nigga BLAK IZ BLAK, you've officially been warned
Nigga - you've officially been warned
You hear me? You've you you've OFFICIALLY BEEN WARNED
You've been TOLD nigga, you've been fuckin OFFICIALLY been warned
This is for your dome, straight up
You've OFFICIALLY been told how it's gon' come down
End of millineium sytle
You've officially been told how it's gon' be, knahmean?
Hard Black, Mau Mau
Smooth Black, Mau Mau
Big Black, Mau Mau
1/16th Black, Mau Mau
Jo Black, Mo Black, Double Black... [fades]

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