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Maurette Brown Clark - Follow Me

You live a life of ups and downs
Of here today and gone tomorrow
Oh changes you can't control
They fill you with gloom and sorrow
But My own they call me
A shelter in the time of storm
And if you desire more than wealth
Call Me and I shall be there

Follow Me
For I will never change
I'm on your side for always
Until the end of time
Follow Me

I know your hopes and dreams
I too have been discouraged
And I know just how sorrow feels
The very hands that bore the nails
Right now are reaching out for you, just for you
And that same old star that led
Led those wise men

That star is waiting now
It's waiting now to lead you
Now the road may not be easy
Don't you know I promise
I will never ever let you down,
If you would only put your trust in me
Like you trust in all your treasures

Follow Me...
I know just how sorrow feels...

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