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Maurice - Sabotage

feat. Hot Will

Started on the twenty-first
Of October, when things went wrong
And arguments, took presidents
And accusations, began to form
She said she knew that I wasn't being faithful to her
Couldn't believe, she had unput proof
There's only one way, this can be true

[Chorus: Maurice]
It's a sabotage (lend 'em numbers in my phone)
It's a sabotage (bets on up, but I wasn't home)
It's a sabotage (underwear up in my car)
Somebody wants me gone, damn this game has gone too far

Why the hell you wait so long
To confront me about your feelings, girl
Said that you tried to, but you told yourself
It wasn't true (told yourself it wasn't true)
Tell me, everything you know
So I can tell you, my point of view
It's a sabotage baby
And I can vouche that the rumors aren't true

[Chorus x2]

[Hot Will]
Most of got me confused, with that other guy
Insecurities inside, got you looking through the ride
Checking my phone, to see if all the numbers still match
The last time you checked, I just sit back and laughed
Gave you everything you wanted, all that you can ask
So far from what you was to be, you should know that
No other girls gonna take your place
Replace what we built, mami, get your hair straight
Remember all the love making, now you're taking too much time
Try'nna figure out if I'm lying
Eyeing another female, while we shopping retail
Think I'm running games on dames, while you getting your nails
Done, hun, it's ok, if you thoughts run wild
And to think, this the chick that I wanted to have my child
You was a mirage, this part wasn't in the clause
We came too far to sabotage

[Chorus x2]

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