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Mausberg - Get Nekkid

feat. DJ Quik, El DeBarge

Yeah, for real
Now when I bounce through the club, baby
Suits and boots on gleam, order some White Star for my whole damn team
I'm a big black pimp with a G limp
Gettin' down down down tonight but don't slip
Platinum Visa buyin' out the whole damn bar-a
Limelight hoes wonderin' who we are-a
Got a flock a bad bitches that be callin' me honey
Y'all niggas still mad 'cause I'm shakin' my tummy
But fuck it, I'm a real nigga, got a keep a thrill wit' it
Order five more bottles of Moet and y'all kill it
Top rank, gotta smoke dank when I drank
Key smoke got a motherfucked wired, can't bank
Keep it way fly, nottin' at the bar that I can't buy
That's are all in line, hunderd CVR-a's outside
And we lookin' for freaky broads like y'all
Down and dirty, ready for dick in your jaws, aw

If you want it (get naked)
We got what you need (get naked)
If you need it (butt naked)
We got what you want (take your clothes off)
If you want it (get naked)
We got what you need (butt naked)
If you need it (get naked)
We got what you want (take your clothes off)

Gotta make it wet, put it in your poontang
Hit it hard baby, when it's pain it's game
I'm a rough nigga, and I love a tough fuck
Push it in your back until your wall's all up
Put my belly on your buttcheeks, hold your hips
And I'll be fuckin' til I bus about six
I'm a freak nigga and I don't need ex
Fuck the bad bitch then I'm off to the next nympho-maniac
Weed and Cognac, gettin' my dick sucked in a black Cadillac
Yup, I'm on one, matter fact I'm on two
Take it out your pussy, put it in your dook shoot
Nasty boy, just like B.I.G.
Got the coochie huffin' and puffin' a monkey like me
Tell it to your homegirls, tell it to your friends
You wanna get freaky, you can come on in
I say...


[DJ Quik:]
Let's do it like no other niggas out here do it like we do
Get it wet like a Sea-Doo, with pussy to preview
Give it to Mausberg and give it to me too
Give it to Crawf Dawg, and make 'em see-through
Panty lines, I make 'em shine
I'm fuckin' you from 9 to 9, until way up through the afternoon
In the kitchen, in the bucket or in the bathroom (I'll make you cum)
Did my last album get the grown ups?
Now it's time again to get my bone up
Wanna kick me out the industry for tryin' to do good (what?)
Y'all don't wanna see me hungry and broke and back in the hood
'Cause I'm a get all you niggas that ain't paid dues
Gaffle your watch, platinum chain and shoes
And that goes for you hoes too
Better check it nigga, buy my record nigga
Or get naked nigga

[Chorus x2]

[El DeBarge:]
Take your clothes off, yeah
Take your clothes off, yeah
Come on baby
Come on darling
Come on baby

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