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Mausberg - Y2K

Mausberg kickin' realism
Spreadin' game to them coward ass niggas
You scared to ball, nigga?
You scared to ball, nigga?
Yo, I'm 'bout to grind nigga
Now it ain't nothin' but a party for the Y2K
Fuck the shutdown, my peoples can't afford computers anyway
And we gonna party like it's 1985
Chronic smoke and Thai weed all up in the sky
Whoever thought that I would come this far?
Rich at twenty-one, Johnny Burns the black ghetto supertsar
And I'ma reap the benefits of bein' strong
My religion is knowin' my right from my wrong
Dedicated to bein' the realest nigga that touched ground
And Lord knows that I came to put it down
Ain't no stoppin' me, ride wit' my dog wit' the key to the city
Ain't conceited, just gettin' down to the nitty gritty
Compton back on the map for the millenium
Ya ain't heard shit until ya heard what I'm givin' em
Me and my niggas gon' run a train on the world
I'm newlyin' my damn self
I make the world twirl

[Chorus x2]
Yo, the time don't stop homie, get your ride on
While you worryin' about that and get your grind on
Before you niggas commit suicde
You better recoginze this world got a long time

Aiyo the party don't stop (don't stop)
And the glock don't stop tickin'
Aiyo them people bullshittin' (bullshittin')
Playin' wit' the mind of a grown man
Tellin' us some nonsense, knowin' we gone take it to the fam-bam
And I ain't trippin' til I see the horses trot down
Hey homie keep yo' predictions in yo' own town
Cuz I'ma party til the year 3000
Black Tecs on the rise my nigga, we straight clownin'
Gettin' our grind on
Blowin' up out our zone e'ryday
And keepin' far away from the fakes
I'm partyin' with the real-ionaire, talkin' to Quik on the NexTel
Crap table, orderin' cocktails
Backyard lookin' like nothin' but a car light
Scared of a new year, but nigga look at what I got
Down and dirty, like a natural disaster
Only the strong survive nigga, call me master


I'm a full-fledged street veteran, kickin' real shit
So if you're fake homie, don't even try to feel this
Communicatin' in the form of a soldier
And if you fall short, don't say I didn't warn ya
Mausberg's on the grind and partyin' the same time
Momma told me the world is mine
So I'ma cock back and blast off
And head for the stars, I ain't takin' no losses
I ain't no runner from no profit
But I'ma let you know what I know
The game is way more potent than a hoe and some dough
I'm on a mission dog, cuz time waits for no man
The superior strokin, a Lex Luger wit' a gun in his hand
I puff a pimp and get to thinkin' bout some deep shit
I ain't no hater dog, grab a chair and peep this
Don't be scared of the future
Take control of your destiny and be the ruler

[Chorus x2]

Realism, Y 2000
Yeah nigga, hell to come homie
Straight up, only the strong survive nigga
So you fake ass niggas might as well
put a pistol in yo mouth and do yo than

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