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Mavado - 9 Lives

So Man a General
Every ghetto yutes, man ah godfadda
Man a general (general general)
Dem fi noe man a general

God of peace, Angel a Death
Every ghetto yute don't fret
From you have life
You have everything
Dem couldn't stop my breath
Can't take my life
Jah loves me so
Can't take my soul
I'm going back for everything and more
I'm unstoppable

[Verse 1:]
Each and every day mi pray
Met Jah so pon di earth mi want fi stay
Mi try fi baby still none but still
When they come fi mi, all I see is getting killed
Me a listen tune a Vybz and uno sound familiar
When you rise to the top u know they want to kill you
Make you want live my life, but my life is realler
Never copy me, the simple rise will kil ya
Ghetto yutes fi have
9 Life
Nah fear nah bwoy that jus so un rule
9 Life
Jah have everything under control


[Verse 2:]
Now I got life, I don't noe about tomorrow
Thank you jah, mi nuh in no sorrow
Heal My Mind, make use ah mi time
shoot it like an arrow
Standing still but my voice is a shadow
Through your heart and the mind of another
All is fine, that's how mi fi shine,
so mi culdn't feel insecure
Nuh fear the grim reapa, cause a jah mi keepa
No weapon that's formed against me shall prosper
Yuh run,.. Yaeeeee


In My life
[Ad Libs]

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