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Mavado - Badman Place

feat. Busy Signal

Dasaca, Movado, Busy
Hell broke loose again
Gun a go rise
Anyway, anyway

Inna badman place, place
Fools get kick ina face
Bad man place, place
Real badman place while chaslie it still a blaze
Real badman place, place
You no see it in a hand it show fa inna waist
Badman place, place
No time fi waste, guiness we beat redbull a chase

[Verse 1: Busy Signal]
Inna di place violate get erase we nuh quarrel inna boy head lead a rest
Coppil a fly tru u vest an the mouth and the barrel, boy wish him did have a nether chest
Inna badman place
Real mckoy and gangsta
Police ask question get no answer
Inna night, inna day, mr knight, mr kay, mr smith and western a we sponsore
All badman celebrate wan de dan bus di case
We cum from jail the main dan bust di lace, yea
Cut off foot put on mesh marina
And no feel you can test man in yah
Cause wen man a squeese trigga and a pop ting
Shot brush off u face like napkin tugs ready fi gu rise up the gappings
Death father tell them what happen


[Verse 2: Busy Signal]
Inna badman place u can't rape u can't steal get carpenter do u time, cause u can't squel
Respect is due from the child dem up juvenile have the ting them oiling
Up badman place hear seh an u see it and tings u hear you can't repeat r get delete
Tugs tek it to the street corna beat we don't accept defeat you see it
Badman place gal deh de nuff but mostly gun dance cah lock off ca police fraid fi cum
Sufferation on the way but one day table must cum


[Verse 3: Movado]
Inna badman place gangstas gully, gully
Everything set nobody nuh worry, worry
Badman place gangstas gully, gully
Everything set nobody nuh worry, worry

[Busy Signal:]
Cassava piece dat badman place
Papine and tavern, badman place
The entire kentire, real badman place
All roun a common, badman place
Out a rema dat a badman place
Mobay flankers, badman place
Back to waltham, real badman place
Dasaca tolds you...

[Chorus x2]

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