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Mavado - Cheating Games

feat. Raine Seville

[Mavado:] Yuh ready?
[Raine Seville:] Hey Hey
[Mavado:] Jah know
[Raine Seville:] Raine Seville, Mavado
[Mavado:] Don't even know how to explain dis to you.

[Chorus: Raine Seville]
I caught you in your cheating game
I saw you with my own eyes
Don't even try to explain yea
You say you were at the café
No need to stress your mind
I'm getting out your way yeah.
So now I'm leaving
No more grieving, no!
So now I'm leaving
No more grieving, no!

[Verse 1: Mavado]
Jah know, mi shock
Because she leff mi wid a broken heart.
Jah know, fi real mi shock
Because she leff mi wid a broken heart
Listen nuh,
This girl love me and leave me an leff mi an gone,
Raine pass thru mi life like a Gilbert storm,
You did tell mi how much forever more you would a calm
Now you feel insecure, yuh pack up an gone
Is like mi get a big stone,
Mi prefer tek a gunshot
Mi hear seh yuh gone,
Is like mi ketch heart attack
Mi temperature rise, straight to di max
Bun off a carton a cigarette just like dat

[Bridge: Mavado]
Cause mi shock, yuh leff mi wid a broken heart
Jah kno, fi real mi shock
Is like mi whole life start tore apart
Jah know

[Chorus: Raine Seville]

[Verse 2: Raine Seville]
It's now that you wanna cry
No need to apologise
Telling me all these lies
I can see it in your eyes
How could you treat me this way?
I don't care anymore
It's over, that's for sure
I'm walking through the door
You got what you looking for
I'm gonna leave you this day

[Bridge: Mavado]

[Chorus: Raine Seville]

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