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Mavado - Squeeze Breast

[Girl laughs]
Ah no laugh ah serious ting
Gal mi nuh u wan me
Mi tell u she wan me
She say she wan me
Mi know she wan me, so gi mi de punarny me feeling horny

She say she wan me squeeze her breast dem like the trigger of my gun
Tun her back way and fuck her hard and she mek she cum
Out ah de bedroom she run, mi nuh know ah way she tun
De pussy catch a fire and de pussy start bun

[Verse 1:]
Dem gal yah want stiff cock
So mi fuck her out hard when she position from back
Worse de gul skin clean, yes and de pum pum fat
My girl come up front and mek some gal gwan chat
She wet up herself when she see me mavado rock
And me neat inna me clarks and pull over gal gi mi props
Gi mi straight up pussy cause she know say gangsta no saps
De gal say her first boyfriend nyam pussy like chops
Mi fuck her to the max


[Verse 2:]
It's a fucking affair gal siddung pon mi cocky like chair
Gal nuh u did a say dat dey nuh fair
Now u a bawl ah say de pussy jaw tear
Wan mek a run but mi cab inna de air
Fling her pon de ground and put she foot inna de air
Cocky inna belly plus de boots dun prepare
Peer noise a mek all de neighbor ah hear
Gangsta nuh care


[Verse 1]

[Verse 2]


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