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Max-A-Million - Take Your Time

Come and take, come and take your time [x7]
You got to do it right, to take your time

You know you want to slow down
You've been working so hard and that's the fact
Sit back and relax a while
Take some time tonight and smile
May you're having no doubt
So we can't stop and kick back
There seams we never take the time to do
All the things we want to. Yeah

Baby, we can do it. Take your time, do it right
We can do it baby, do it tonight [x2]

Jump up, get out and take your time
Dance pan a rhythm and [? ] no crime
[? ] your body and come with me
Drop all your guns and you feel irie
Big love and you party you know I shake your body
Max-A-Million don't want to break your body
Hear me and the music and I feel so fine
Man or woman, you have to take your time

The love I feel for you, you feel for me
One love is all we have to live
Our love is what we have to give. Yeah
There are so many things for us to do and see. Yeah
Hey, take some time to be alone
[? ] of the phone. Yeah

It's on the party, everything's OK
Pick up, selector and the DJ
Shake up your booty and move your body
Take upon your hands and follow me
Max-A-Million do it. Ya man, you know me do it
Good love, me do it. Yeah, yeah, now scream
Party, me do it. Yeah, yeah, jump up, me do it
Now listen, me do it. Yeah, yeah, no scream

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