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Max B - Bad Whiskey

Un it's your boy back fresh off that bay boss don season domain pain shouts out to my nikka young los in the beach you know I mean two in the afternoon sunny day strollin throw the sowos really seen a nice pair of shades I like you know them shits was like 2, 500 I bought em fuck it it's what I do gaine green boss don shit domain pain for you niggas let's go

[Verse 1:]
I got the forty low covered up like I'm forty below seven in like I'm forty to go or maybe more pay me for I'm the wavyest of all I got a black one white one even keep a slim bitch they all stick together and they got a good friendship closet so expensive angle mon cold hon and if I'm smoking that haze that's forty of that ooo bond know I got the auto mon loop ya it ain't shit with out max your music need a booster the fifth will leave you screaming like a rooster sweep the nigga body of the stoop like a supra nigga I'm the future nigga I be use to the finer shit I don't do that herb you I only do desingner shit I only do the guccie louie finddy prada biggavell is a pimp I run up in ya mama I run up with the lama pop it at any nigga thinkin he is thug I'm a feel this nigga with slugs I seen this nigga in a club out in jersey seen his team looking like they want to hurt me but thanks to the one time you gotta focus up one time nikka I be trying to duck the one time you smoking with thirty niggas on one dime

Here we go here we go it's one nigga rolling up a big fat bag of the sour u can't stop me he got the rang nigga I'm wavy goddamn of lane got doughter plus you know we got that prada nigga we getting chips wise while ya'll getting angry

[Verse 2:]
On the strole of the strip like bitches on the dick like big pipe cherry lip gloss get your lips right get your lips wet I'm not dipset nigga I'm green gaine rollie in the mean chain I leave you holly in the cheese lane holly molly go fuck your plea your chain for the better max do it for your boy you was riding in the jetta max do it for a toy I be moving like I'm floyd right jab left jab 93 was the shit harlem had the best cab aj lester the best rags a buck 20 that was money then yea and that's was a 20 then I was getting money when regan was in office peep me on your cope list grind like and orphan lime in the coffin bitches of the myspace love me out in boston oooowwww

[Hook: x2]
Yea it's niggas all pissed off in the game boss don biggavell shit back with that domain pain yea young los got another baby niggas riding that wave fuck with your boy it's over for these niggas man oh man ey big tone we gonna flip these niggas upside down jingle that change out they pocket che know what I mean gaine green baby oh man un ooowwwww

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