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Max B - Closer I Get To You

I been goin' through this pain and shit
Everythingis crazy
Fuck it, I'm a just talk about it
Boss Don Biggavell
Dolla, yeah
It's a little too much though, let's go, yeah

He was only seventeen, he got hit with' a slug
His mommy, she a fiend so she addicted to the drugs
Bigga, he show me love, ain't no need for the bullshit
Had 'em all suspicious for the Quarantine, free me from the larceny
Free me from the arsenies (free me)
Niggaz fuck up the grain, bullets fuck up they arteries
Charter me a flight, let me go away, throw away my verses for a price
Get your paper up, I ain't even take a cut
I ain't even make enough, yet I'm steady spendin', busy grindin'
Look at doggy grindin'
Floatin' in this Beamer like a pimp, he a pimp, all my bitches know
Look at how he be goin' though, don't you know it (don't you know)
Got them fluffy pillows white as snow, take a sniff
Sprinkle it on the bigger dick, bigger chips
Baby kuz it's necessare
Pour me a sip, she said "Daddy, there's nuffin' left in there"
She braggin' like

Closer I get to you
Closer I get to you
The better you make me feel
(And hold me, hold me)
Treat me like your number one
Treat me like your number one
I said "I do", baby what the fuck do you want

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