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Max B - Disturbia Money (Remix)

feat. French Montana

[talkin: Max B]
Let's get it
You ain't ready for this shit sexy
That techno shit (disco)
This a whole notha loop her babe

[Verse 1: Max B]
Stacks in the Gucci store
Stacks in the louis store
To the movies or,
Why ya bitch wanna do me 4?
Do me more
Get real wavey
Ride that dick like a hoopty, slow
Baby wanna come back home
Maxy please I don't want that no
Think u got me girl?
Not me girl
I'm the one that rock me worl
Max got lots a girls
Lots a pearls
No a nigga that's the twirl
Nigga I ain't givin you shit
Step up ya game
Baby make it sound so plain
I don't wanna do this shit no more
I ain't tryna do this shit no more

[Chorus x2: Max B]
This bitch here think I'm in love
But I want her money money
She got that quarter million dolla kinda money money
She won't fucc u she don't love u
She just want ya money money
And I c u window shoppin
Cusz ya money funny

[Verse 2: French Montana]
Play with my feelings I
Shoot ya punk ass
My money also
Bitch you should know so
Now, now, now If I need it I'm a get it
Now I got it it's sold
Got them p's that e got tha sour that snow
1 hoe for you one hoe 4 me
It's the maccaroni with tha cheese
Baby crackin it's stoppin
U dnt need no luggage well take you shoppin
Nope We dnt do tha rebok with tha straps
In talkin asian provocateur
Little rock like Arkansas
C they love to hate us
We we underated but neva unpaid
I'm bout my money money
Homie wilin down in dallas
Crusin down in houston
Sippin surup
Coke plate niggas so sincere

[Chorus x2: Max B]

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