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Max Minelli - 3 Prayers

[Max Minelli]
I got three prayers
For real niggaz,thugs, and gangstas . .

Uh. Yeah. You know wha'm sayin'? Yeah
Look, 'till I do it again like this here
This gone be the realest way I ever done it
Ya understand? (Yeah, yeah, yeah)

[Verse One]
Man, I been tryin' ta find my way up out this stress
Brushin' this dirt off my chest
I think I'm spittin' clearly now
I know the nigga with the nest is the more best
Than a motor show I been passin' all my tests
So can you hear me now?
I'm two knees to the dirt, two tears to my eyes
Two arms to the sky
Can you hear me now?
I know the streets done planted somethin' inside of me
Cause somehow, some way, I still know I'm makin' you proud of me
I ain't come here to make excuses for my foolishness
I'm only doin' what I think I'm really 'posed ta do with this
Gifts you hand me so now I feel like I'm spittin' on the
Behalf of the streets and every single nigga on 'em
So when we feel like we drifted too far away from you
And really wanna pray to you, but don't know what to say to you
I try ta spit it right, but none of us ain't livin' right
Usually, we ain't even tryin' hard enough to get it right
But I'ma try again, tell ya come back into my heart
This a new day, fresh start, can you hear me now?
And hopefully niggaz gone learn it
I don't play if they burn it
They sing along to it, we'll be saved yeah

I know it ain't one man that can save the world
I know that. But I figure if I touch one nigga
That'd be a start. With God in my heart, I know
I'ma survive out'chere, thug

(One) God can you hear a nigga way up there?
When I'm way down here, sayin' my real nigga prayer?
(Two) God can you hear a thug way up there?
When I'm way down here, sayin' my thugged out prayer?
(Three) God can you hear a gangsta way up there?
When I'm way down here, sayin' my gangsta prayer?
I'm so down bad, and even after all that
You still never turned your back, uh..

[Verse Two]
I do this sick 'cause this what keep a nigga sane
I do this here to keep me in the game
This how I vent my anger and my pain
When my struggle for the strain
Feel like a vice grip on my brain
Here go my sunshine, after the rain
Cause now I understand
I can come to you, look up and holla at you like a man, cause
I'm just really really tryin' ta right a few of my wrongs
I holla at you in a few of my songs
Like, this one instead of "make them girls shake they backside"
I thank you for forgivin' me for everytime my back slide
Just tryin' ta spread my vision
Now that I'm in a position to talk to the skreets and they listen
We all thug niggaz, feelin' like we too far gone
We too down bad, we too far wrong
And I realize, we never too far from home
So I'm hopin' they sing along to the song
Cause so many of them hear me now


[Verse Three]
I know the real feel when I put it down like
When my heart bleed on the beat, this what it sound like
Even them fake niggaz feel when I'm spittin' that
But they got too much pride to be admittin' that
But they can learn every word to it, listen back
This ain't a fabricated rap, nigga this is fact
This is exactly what my heart told to my soul
What my soul told me
What I told to the beat
What I hold to the skreets, that's God still love you
No matter what you do or what a nigga think of you
Even if you got a monkey on yo back
And every prostitutes and thugs too, God still love you
And every woman that done had an abortion
And my niggaz sellin' drugs too, God still love you
He right there to see us fall in them traps
With his arms out, waitin' for us to come back


[Max's voice slowed]
See I knew... I knew I had to keep it real with God
When I picked up my pen and wrote this right here
You know Wha'm sayin'? 'Cause after everything he
Done blessed me with, know wha'm sayin',nigga still
Be out here glorifying that foolishness, You know
Wha'm sayin. But at the end of the day, what's real
Is real, Ya heard me? And you can't run from that
You can't hide from that, know wha'm sayin'? You got
To keep it real with him, so that's what I did. That's
Why I say, 'til I do it again like this, this gone
be the realest way I ever done it. It's Young Minelli
World, Nigga...

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