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Maxim - Killing Culture

[scratched vocal]

Walk the waves which I emmenate
Displace the friend of a better taste
I prove the relics of my onslaught
Deny the truth and you will get caught
Design, project to clear your minds eye
Raise (?) fear barrier, fear carrier
Hallucinator, mind captivator
The pace that I conjure
Orginal, a miracle I wonder
I feed the addict to my venom
Rhythmic, smooth rock the pend'um
Myself, I'm so (*scratch*) glorious
I play with hopes till victorious
Gridlock within my prison
Spitting face of pure isms!

[Chorus: Maxim]
Killing the culture (Killing the culture)
Killing the culture (Killing the culture)
Creating culture (Creating culture)
Kissin' more contracts
Suicidal impacts

You've been iced, my secret sinner star
I cast the shadow, of a sorcerer
A thousand acres of critics
Two thousand hectares of addicts
Terrify, test ambition
Entice your soul, drive my piston
Reflect your soul in the mirror
Vice-captain the true sinner
Intellect when I battle
Silence snakes when I rattle
Ideas breed like algae
A beast of pure obscenity
Distort your only vision
A tyrant to the system
Fear the words spoken by the tounge
(?) by force, yet to come!


[Spoken Interlude: Maxim]
Our Father, give us this day, our daily bread
and deliver us from evil and forgive those
who tresspass against us


Impregnate points on pysche
Relocate your anxiety
Drop bombs, stain your eardrum
Release fear from the asylum
Bribe (?) to hear my seminar
Forcing will to be the major star
I'm'a start inject the vaccine
The Maxim in your bloodstream
Defy laws of physics
Dispell the myth from my cynics
Life for design, set the pace
Silent check, respect my space
Ignite a spark
Vicious and sharp
Face to face with the tutor
Bringing hell to the piper


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