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Maybach Music Group - Bag Of Money

[Hook 1: Rick Ross]
My bitch bad, looking like a bag of money
That bitch bad, looking like a bag of money
I go and get it and I let her count it for me
I fuck her good and she always ride it for me

[Hook 2: Rick Ross]
She got me caught up in the moment
She got me caught up in the moment
I only kiss her when she on it
Fuck her good, make her call me in the morning

[Hook 1]

Temporary forever, levitate with a nigga
I can tease you til you hate me
But you hate them navel kisses
We can do like 8 positions
Hit it til your make up missing
Baby girl my stroke official
And you know I paint that picture
Hoes on my line, most of 'em 9′s
Couple of 'em dimes, but all my hoes is hard to find
And I ain't always on the prowl
It's just my soda mixed with brown
Got me quite open for a while
So let me in or let me out
And I like my marijuana bright
And I like my window tinted out
Shout out them strippers who hustle
Yeah George you know what this about
I just might throw a big amount
Don't know if I'm 'posed to take you out
I just know I'm 'posed to praise you up
Don't mean I ain't 'posed to take you down
Word up

[Hook 1]

[Meek Mill:]
My bitch bad, looking like a bag of money
E'rry time she fuck me she say, "Can I have some money? "
And I say, "Can I get a threesome? "
She say, "Boy, you funny"
But I be like for real, just pick up that phone
Call on one of your girls
When I'm on that pill and I pop that Perc
Girl, I put in that work
Long as she come to me first
It's 14 racks, what I put on that purse
Shit, that Birkin bag make the old dude mad
When I murk through passed in a dark blue jag
Say she like my style but I talk too fast
And I got that drive and she just might crash
Hold up
She say she fucking with me the long way
She gon' ride this dick, I had a long day
Nigga, look at my bitch, you looking the wrong way
Something mean, look exactly just like the song say

[Hook 1]

[Hook 2]

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