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Mayday! - R.E.M.

[Hook: x2]
If you blink those eyes at me again
I'll know that you're scared
But you don't have to fear the other side
I'll just meet you there

Let's speak sadistic language, I'll try to be your friend
I see you in some anguish, oh here we go again
I see you seeking damage, you'll find it in the end
I made some transformations but you still call me
Been down the road, where the thousands go
And the dreams come fast but they count 'em slow
I see you rapid eye rapid eye rapid eye rapid eye movement
They're moving again


Let's speak sadisitic language, I'll try to be your hub
Let's meet and just get hammered, oh you don't fuck with drugs
I know it's kinda savage, this world is full of thugs
If you think you can manage, you might just get some love
I'm sleep walking, this must just be a dream starting
I'm hearing voices echo back but oh that's me talking
This worlds a rubix cube, so what the fuck we used to do?
I really need solutions to what's keeping us from moving through
I'm once again under the spell of a pain don't you know
I cut myself up but I can't get enough and it's strange why I go
This dream is a scene and I'm made to believe that it's fame getting close
And it's lame letting go, so I keep on the blink so you know


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