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Mayhem - In The Lies Where Upon You Lay

In the century where man dies
We the huntress of the hollow hills
Must put ourselves above pity
Above self deception as law
We must be again as once were
We the soul of the earth
As reaping time descends
The sour gain of mercy withers
Into the night we must go into the darkest abyss
To a level of consciousness unknown to Christendom
We want life we crush the dream of heaven
As we bring the blade down one swift move
We are the chosen ones chosen by will to life
You life lairs crawl on you banded knees
As you finally die you will eventually have lost more
By not living by the sword than what you lose in death
Not by mercy by strength we end your pity lives
Not by spirit by flesh we awaken the beast within
Knee deep in your repulsive blood we march
Victorious by the power of our minds and bodies

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