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Mc Breed & Dfc - Underground Slang

[VERSE 1: MC Breed]
Big city lights, big city name
Where the only thing you know is the dope-dealing game
Makin that money just as fast as you can
And this pride is yours in bein a (dopeman)
Rollin big cars and carryin big knots
Niggas pushin Benzes with the drop-tops
Bitches all around, all over the place
Eyes open wide for a sap to chase
They just lookin for a fool to pay the rent
But bitch, you're dead wrong, you won't get a cent
Girlies out there, they don't know my name
MC Breed and that's me and that's one and the same
I went from pushin ki's of pure d caine
To writin def lyrics for the Underground Slang

[Kool G Rap] (Money bustin out my socks)

[VERSE 2: MC Breed]
The U-n-d-e-r-ground
Punk, don't make a sound
DFC comin through like: move!
Cause ain't shit for my posse to prove
Poppin caps don't matter, brain cells scatter
We head away on a 20 ft. ladder
Free as a bird, time to pass go
The posse break out, and T's drivin real slow
Lights start flashin all in my face
Red said "Fuck it," and began to race
Went 20 miles up, ridin through [Name]
T looked at me, said (peep the gas tank)
To hell with it, pull on the side of the road
"Get our of your jeep!" - man, you are cold
I yelled out the roof: "Fuck you hoes!"
We paid 20 grand for bullet-proof windows
2 ounces of dope in my fix-a-flat
2 rounds of ammo for my personal gat
Killed a 8 Ball, I'm ready to go
The sounds of flashing nine made my blood flow
[shots] Jumped on the roof and sprayed the beamlight
20 dead cops who ain't nothin nice
People don't know us, and they call us a gang
But we fo' raw niggas from the Underground Slang

The Underground Slang

Man...cold 40s, man
Lay back, uknowmsayin?
...some of these girlies out there, uknowmsayin?
The homie Red, uknomsayin
Cash T, Technology, me MC Breed
The whole DFC posse, uknowmsayin?
Standin for the 'Dope Force Connection'

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