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Mc Breed - Floatin' Through The Cosmos

[Erotic D]
Live and direct from your favorite place
The Black Hole
And we go on and on
On and on, on and on
To the break of dawn
Eric Breed
(What up?)
Big ballin MC
And E
Erotic got the beats
Drive your ass psychotic
(That's right)
(Who there on the hook, bitch, look)

Trip the light fantastic with me
And when I shoot through your city
Blaze up a fat-o, and let's go get busy
Breed do it to you everytime, hit you with the unexpected
Connect the beats and rhymes, and then perfect it
Now I'ma roll and you gon' roll with me
One Puff, the blunt I roll'll sho' get me, now you can hit me
With the Hen dog, a thin fog surround my scalp
And if I get to trickin, bitch, you on a salary cap
Big Baller Eric, got the suit, so I'ma wear it
But my muthafuckin dove is my one and only love
I cant't think without my drink, so nigga, pass it
Then take two big-ass pulls of the blunt and then amass it
Float with Breed through the galaxy
The cosmos belongs to me, it's my galery
And it don't matter we ballin in the highest degree
From F-l-i-n-t Breed gettin high as could be
I'm finna fly on weed

Floatin through the cosmos, rollin pimp shit, gettin high
Givin a fuck about those space-age hoes, these One Puff niggas know why

Now I'ma paint a picture for ya (fascinatin)
Illustratin how we keep your ass giratin
And playa-hatas spectatin, waitin for the next collaboration I drop
It's the bomb with Erotic, you know it, you know it's all that
Fly and you can fly with me when I bounce to interplanetary limits
I'm in it to win it, fuck a gimmick
I got a secret, when the beat hit
Worldwide it's hard to hide cause I freak shit
A penny for your thoughts, a million plus for mine
You say I'm fallin off, but you ain't even known to get your own
Platinum-slappin em haters with my latest disc
Can you detect what's comin next from the flex of my wrist?
And the shit be off the hook soon as 'Rotic lay the mix
Get with Breed and hella weed and give me on my shit
This be with the hoeish shit, now go with shit that you be spittin
Try to write rhymes that sound like mine, but they ain't fittin
Who can do it like I do it? (What?) Maintain
Yo crew ain't like my crew (How that is?) Let me explain


Imagine havin hydrophonic symphonic chronic and lettin it go
Niggas gettin lifted off the contact fo' sho'
Bitches screamin hoe-faded
They eyes beamin low, everybody on the flo' lookin fo' mo'
You at the show, feel the vibe we provide for ya
Hustlers and bitches, I be gettin live for ya
For my riches, fall into my flow like the Pacific
Ocean, sometime explicit, and get you open when I flip it
One Puff stuff, loot like you ain't seen
And a pocket full of green's how to fade, knawmean?
Dig it, can't a nigga hit em up like Breed
I got raps for days, so you can blaze up the weed


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