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Mc Breed - No Chaser

feat. Jazze Pha

Now if you thought that was fat...
Wait until you get a load of this shit right here
You know what I'm sayin?
I'm on a whole other level

Man, ain't this a muthafucka
(That's Hennessy)
Bitch, dontcha - this shit weaker than a muthafucka
If you don't get down right...
Man, I'ma beat this muthafucka's ass
I don't want no Coke in my shit, bitch

I like my shit straight, no chaser

[VERSE 1: MC Breed]
Hey, I walk off in the club with two dubs off in my socks
Straight to the bar, order up a double on the rocks
(Why you drinkin, honey?) shit, what you got?
(I got Hennessy, Tanqueray...) it's a gang of us, we need a lot
I'm tweakin, hopin nobody's reachin for my weapon
Cause for me, I keeps it on cue, dog, I'm steppin
With Smith & Wesson, even when I'm drunk I'm givin lessons
And please no questions, it's just a part of my profession
I'm feelin twisted, the whole room starts shiftin
This double shot really got your nigga lifted
And you know Breed, I be all about the weed smoke
Tang or Boo-Boo no juice, Hen no Coke
And hoes start to provoke you to buy a drink
(Man, what's this?) shit, now what the fuck you think?
Now you're either drinkin with me or you're not
(Bam-Bam, what we drinkin?) a double-shot

I like my shit straight, no chaser

What the fuck y'all trippin on?
You don't I like no muthafuckin Coke in my shit
I ain't...about no muthafuckin drink
You out your mind

[VERSE 2: MC Breed]
Now tonight I think I'll have shot of Bumpy Face
(Okay baby, what else?) Heineken for the chase
(Okay) or better yet (what?) since me and my niggas stay paid
(Ah-ha) we'll have a couple of of bottles of Blue for Dollar Day
(Oh okay) I smokes mo' endo than you could grow
And I drink more drink that they could sell at the sto'
Woah! (what's this?) hoe's sippin on Moe
(Hey baby, what y'all drinkin?) a double shot to the flo'
I tips the waitress before I go, so she remembers me
I'll have no Coke off in my Hennessy

I like my shit straight, no chaser

[VERSE 3: Jazze Pha]
D-r-u-n to the k
Jazze Pha sip the Alizé anday
[burping] drunk as a fuck pervin
Straight swervin in my '94 suburban
All of a sudden I drop the bomb
Hit the dank, now I'm gone
What the fuck you drinkin?
(Straight Tanqueray, nigga, why?) it's got me thinkin
(That muthafucka breath is just so) stinkin
(Old broke-ass muthafucka) I might not be rich
But I gets drunker than a fat bitch
(Oh, so you tell me that you sip on a Colt 45 straight)
All anday, Saturday (Sunday?) one way
(Straight up on the rocks, no chase)

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