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Mc Buzz B - Jazz Track

[Verse 1]

As the last breath triggers the last beat
I look to the sky to drown the devilish heat
I feel it closin', they're gettin' higher and higher
Each foul flame from the same hellfire
Only moments passed since I existed
Perhaps I acted rash, I should have done what they insisted
I resisted, twisted thoughts ran wild
I was too mad to be mild, I was too rough to be riled
But now it's done, I probably won't be missed by anyone
Although I had my fun I'm still on the run
Where am I goin'? It's no good not knowin'
Should be glad that I'm gone because my yellow streak's showin'
Thinkin' have I done much wrong for me to perish
Or will I have another day for me to cherish
I have to bargain, see my soul's on the line
So I'll settle for nothin' lesser than the Great Divine

[Verse 2]

Friends worked hard to try and save me, why? They didn't know
If I was them I would've left me long ago
It's over, thoughts are trained towards the hereafter
I look for The Saviour but then I hear laughter
If I'm to make it through the Pearly Gates
I have to devise a plan and get my story straight
It ain't too late to save my soul, I never lost a scheme
I'll talk to God and make him melt like an ice cream
It seems this waiting is for reflection
Then when it's done I'll go whatever direction I deserve
But listen, I'll deserve my place there
Ok, I'm scared, but I don't easily scare
I'll walk up, knock on the door like I'm the gentry
Plead from my knee and they'll proceed to give me entry
I reflect on all the stealin', the dealin', the dissin'
Hopin' somewhere up in heaven that my file went missin'

[Verse 3]

I used to be a big man, like kings respected
I carried out the sort of things expected of me
And my posse, bred to be bossy
Didn't yield to command you felt the back of my hand, understand?
I did dope, sold to kids who were thrilled by it
I was responsible for many who were killed by it
I didn't realise then, but now I know
I didn't realise then, but even so
I stole to deprive, scold those who patronised
Fought for my turf, it was worth it in my eyes
Cheated, repeated all this day by day
Until the medic picked me up from where I lay
Bleeding, but not conceding to the battle
The darkness teased an unease, light bleeds staccato
That's when I knew I had to try it
Prepare a prayer and pray he'd buy it
Convince him, rinse him of my dirty past
Rotten or right I must fight to the last
Before the hands that pulled me down held tight
I will repent before the love of life
Fear cries, I'm drowned and bound to miss
Valhalla, my seat in celestial bliss
Infernal heat just like a creature creepin'
Eternal sleep will be a lonely sleepin'

[Verse 4]

Father friend me, defend me
Lend me your faith so that my fate don't send me
Down to the gates of Hell
I did enough time inside a prison cell
So take me, don't forsake me
Shape me from here so that my fear don't break me
Keep me from the terror that lies
Beneath your kingdom, beneath the skies...

Did he buy that? Well did he hear my prayer?
I gave praise, I'm amazed he's still up there
He's probably sendin' down a heavenly host
He's just too busy to be leavin' his post
So I wait for a while but the Devil's still posin'
I wave goodbye while the gates are closin' behind me
You'll never bind me or enslave me
Hurry up heaven, come down and save me

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