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Mc Chris - Bench Warmer (Skit)

[mc chris:] Yo, What's Up!? It's mc, uh, I'm chillin' at the tracks, tryin' to make some money. Call me back 201-386-4640. Ya wanna get the hit? Gimme a hit. Peace out!

[phone beep]

[Answering machine voice:] You have one new message.

[phone beep]

[John Bowie:] Hey Chris, it's Bowie. Uh, I'm at the PATH station. I-I was wondering if I could crash on your couch, would that be cool? They locked me out of my apartment. Um, so call me back. There's a-There's a payphone here. Some kid stole m-my cell phone, but the joke's on him cause-cause Sprint shut it off. Uh, just come by the station, alright? I'm gonna be sleeping on one of the benches.

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