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Mc Chris - Boys Don't Cry

I met you on Friendster, your name was all weird
I feared the worst but the more I learned it all became clear
You were a female peer, just a few years younger than I
And you wrote the longest letters, the very best size

[mc chris]
You live in London, use slang like prat
You were datin the gym one akin to tight abs
I'd spend the days half tryin to make you laugh
But you wouldn't write back, give me some more of that
Well after one week, I knew I was hooked
You'd blush at each key stroke of X O without gettin one look
at the other side guy his pics might be fake
This type of shit happens every day
I'm no rock star, a clock watchin drone
Whose breath stinks of liquor all stoned like lawn gnomes
No girlfriend, no hook ups, just lovelorn and fucked up
No friend to just vent on, one who'll say all bets off
Concert was cancelled, you answered my e-mail
Turns out you're bummed out didn't want to give details
A mate had OD'd, I could feel your heart beat
I miss you never met you, X O, mc

[Chorus x2: using voicebox]
Boys don't cry, they prefer ballin
And shot callin, tear drops fallin
I'm jonzin harder than Gollum
Please God say that's London callin

[mc chris]
Why you gotta be so far away?
Why do plane tickets gotta cost an arm and a leg?
Maybe I should save a couple dollars a day
So without delay, I can look at your face
Smell your hair, rest my hand on your neck
Never mind neckin, you know what comes next
I'll buy you a dress at that place owned by Dodi Fayed
And give you head every night before bed
But you might not D-I-G mc
Might think me too brash or condescending
A sad finish without taking a first step
Can't avoid sayin somethin that I will regret
but I bet that we would hit it off great
I could come to you, or you could come to the states
Get you a job at MTV, whatever you need
+I'm a Slave 4 U+ like Britney was to J.T.
Romance is a cruel trick, play me like school kids
Don't know if I should do this if I'm stupid or just foolish
Can't help but pursue this despite you bein half a world from me
What I wouldn't give to sit and sip a cup of tea
While you nibbled on a crumpet, I'd love it indeed
Sincerely yours, X O mc...

[Chorus x2: and on to fade]

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