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Mc Chris - Carebear (Kelly's Song)

[Mc chris:]
You're cute as a care bear, I don't even care where
You tell me to be, you know I'm gonna be there
Know I'm gonna repair, your broken heart, I swear
Cross my arms on a dare, Al Capone love affair
Got style extraordinaire, prepare for the rare
Mc devil-may-care, with the bev high hair
I will be fair, no more sad solitaire
I'll go to work like Dirk and save you from your Dragon's Lair
You can't compare

Well, ain't life a bitch, a daily kick in the dick
Well if I had a dime for everytime, you know that I'd be rich
What makes it worthwhile, is your beautiful smile
I can't conceive the life I'd lead, if you would leave then I would die

[Mc chris:]
Mc chris will appear from the rear with headphones on his ears
And a head full of tears, because his girly is not near
And he fears she be on a pimp's stick shiftin gears
Another bitch ass trick that's a ho after some beers
Should I say amaretto sour
If I see ya drinkin PBR you're mine within the hour
You can be my woman wonder, I will be your Doogie Howser
We'll play doctor, take a shower, go outside, pick you a flower
Write you a haiku, say that I love you
I can't afford a box of chocolates so yo here's a Yoo-Hoo
The voodoo that you do is somethin I'm not used to
I won't decline cause in time I'll be true blue

[Chorus x2]

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