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Mc Chris - Harry Potter (Skit)

[phone ring]

[mc chris:] Yo, what's up!? It's mc, uh, I'm chillin' at the tracks, tryin' to make some money. Call me back 201-386-4640. Ya wanna get the hit? Gimme a hit. Peace out!

[phone beep]

[Answering machine voice:] You have one new message.

[phone beep]

[John Bowie:] Hey Chris, John Bowie, long time no talk man, what's up? Uh, just driving around thinking of you. Heard you're doing a hip-hop record, uh, for Tim, that's awesome man, wondering if I could, uh, get in on some of that action. Uh, lay down some phat rhymes as it were. Uh, the uh-hey dude, watch where you're going! Fuck! -sorry man, I'm driving. Uh, listen, yeah, so I want to, uh, come in and, uh, and, uh, join in with some of the-the dope beats. Uh, call me on my cell, I gotta play Harry Potter at a children's birthday party, but that's not gonna be for a couple of hours. Maybe we can, uh, catch up later on, ok man? So give me a call later on, we'll-we'll hook up. Nine one seven five three-hey! watch where you're goin-Whaahhh!

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