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Mc Chris - Illy Oi!

[mc chris]
mc chris is the shit, whack MC's line up to perish
There just ain't no stoppin him, his parents are so embarassed
mc chris can't resist, whack MC's they get so angry
Cause he ain't a part of it yet beats them at their own game oh so badly

Illinois boy known to make some noise
Don't collect checks cause I'm unemployed
Used to love hip-hop now it sucks like roids
I'm here to fill the void lemme hear ya so oi
I'm the type of dude that'll rap for food
Rap real smooth cause I don't produce
MTV said no so I'm just on Fuse
Everything to gain but nothing to lose

Yeah yeah yeah yeah...

[mc chris]
I'm the baddest MC switchblade in the mic
Playground player fifth grader for life
Only bling that I wear's in my baby blue eyes
I keep my bitches on a short leash with a tracking device
My name is MC I got carcinogen beats
Been compared to monet been compared to Matisse
When I'm not rhymin or fuckin I'm lookin for trees
You're givin hand jobs by the bloodbank for a nickel a piece
I bring the jams, like Knotts Berry or Smuckers
Motherfuckers better duck cause I'm on downers and uppers
Got a sack a nutter butters and a head in the gutter
I waste whack MC's like they fuel in a Hummer


Oi Oi Oi Oi...

[mc chris]
I'm the crazy MC got chainsaw teeth
I'm a vegetarian, ain't got no beef
Rap rhymes over beats for dufflebags of cheese
You get a sexual release sniffin yer grandma's queefs
I get more mother daughter action than Romeo & Master P
Got these bitches suckin like they vacuuming for company
My name is MC and that's the way it's gonna have to be
Ny tractor beam is the fact that we're actually the act the beat
I don't freestyle and I wear clothes that fit
Don't flip burgers I'm a college graduate
You can hardly handle it so go ask your analyst
I'm the catalyst that moistens the panties of management

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