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Mc Chris - mc chris Attax

Woo yeah
Woo yeah

Go mc [x11]

It's mc chris I'm twice as wide
As a kid whose tall enough to ride the rides
I be in your files like the FBI
So my shit quick and slick like slip and slide
That means I'm fat not with a P-H
But with a pound of bacon and a basket of eggs
You're whack so no matter how you bake
I be chillin' on the mics and you be lyin' in your grave

It's mc chris I'm scared I'm frightened
All my cliff notes I'm highlightin'
I'm in a blue font and the piranhas are brightened?
If I am a puppet I wish the strings tightened
But that's all right I got my ray gun and jet pack
To all the blood suckers got my AK so get back
Where you came from I won't mind
My name is mc chris now's the time to press rewind

Yeah so like I made rap song
It's not that wrong is it?
Mc chris is so fly mc chris is the best
Mc chris is a super rapper he's a super rapper (number 1)

Kick it Macy's day please press play
It's more like Halloween than independence day
My phaser on stun and I'm on the nod
I said I killed Godzilla and now here comes his son
And his reptilian daughter and I'll never be odder
But I blow them all away like I was the Godfather
I take over the school like I was Mr. Kotter
And I did it my way just like a punk rocker

Ready for system check (system check ready 10-4)
Seat belts (seat belts check)
Turbo booster (turbo booster check)
Deflector shields (deflector shields check)
Activate hyper space (hyper space activated)

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