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Mc Chris - Nerd Cave

I don't shave when I'm chillin in my nerd cave
Get baked like everyday my birthday
Anti-social with anxiety and acne
So I settle for surround and a flat screen

[Mc chris:]
I know it's wrong, all day long in a coma
Watchin Troma, eatin powdered donuts
Got a Big Gulp, always time for soda
Can't get up, even though I am a grown up
I like to read, smoke weed, throw up skit grenades
I got the culdesac cracked, got stickie for days
I got a kid from Mississip', talkin shit in my ear
I'd ask everybody over but that would be weird
I like HBO shows, Dead Wood and The Wire
Got other bunny hornies from portable pyre
Got the Lego 8080's, Lego really like dust
All I ask is do not touch, my series of busts
But still my exhibition is a figment of my vision
When I get itchin, hurts being a magician
When I get tore up or someone's throw up in the kitchen
That's a kitchenette, you can bet that it's bitchin

[Chorus x2]

[Mc chris:]
I start smellin when I'm dwellin in my nerd cave
Gotta bake cause I can not get a first date
Spank [?] on a turtle 'case of worst case
I'm a side boob dude watch me burst paste
I know it's bad having a pad as a bachelor
I know it's weak, having to speak dealer password
Big ol' bites is my vice, also fast food
I don't get at you cause I'm in a bad mood
Got a stack of Blockbusters all past due
Got a stack of fat kizzies in the bathroom
Got a lack of motivation and a vacuum
No regrets, just sweats and my tattoos

[Chorus x2]

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