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Mc Chris - On The Road

[Intro/Chorus: mc chris]
We're on the road; off to another show
We got to go; I'll call you later bro

[Mc chris:]
Every year, for about five months
To be very clear, I go out and find funds
How to collect from the many that are particular about their pennies
They won't spend a cent, unless there's perks and the bennys
So I travel in a van that was down by the river
Go out into the land understand I am the giver
Got my quiver full of raps and I'm ready to attack
Brought along some books, in case I don't want to nap
We stay at Super 8's dine at Waffle after hours
I like 'em smothered, fingers covered in biscuit powder
Seldom shower, scare the hoes right out of the lot
All I needs a nap and a bit little pot what you got?
My roadies got a room; falls asleep to slasher flicks
He's likes Jason over Freddy if he ever had to pick
We rent a Dodge Caravan it got stow-and-go seating
The road might sound redundant but it does bear repeating


[Mc chris:]
I brought house music, I hate disc jocks
I like Cracker Barrel, I like their gift shop
I like their pork chops, I like the peg game
I like old people, they all got leg pain
I like rest stops, that's where dogs shit
I hide behind a tree, and take a bong hit
I like Cool Ranch, but I'll take Nacho Cheese
Oh no it starts to rain, pass me my poncho please
Time to mic check, find the ladies room
It's always clean and empty, time to drop a deuce
You never read the news, you grow apathetic
Mic check gives you a headache like when you play Kinetic
No ones heard of me wish I could mercury like T2
Kids say "I wish I could be you" I suddenly I don't feel so see through
Feeling artsy and cold car seats can't steamed up waffle windows
Did I say Kinetic? I meant Wii-U by Nintendo


[Mc chris:]
Every year, for no foreseeable end
To be very clear, I go out and find friends
You're everywhere, it makes, one's mind bend
When I was young I was the one no one would defend
But now kids, well they get in a line
I've been to far away locales and they still gettin in lines
They're getting younger ever summer gettin older than wine
Now I'm advising and reminding them to open they minds
Get up on stage, veins pop out of my face
Sweat pours out my pores like this "War" is a "Race"
I say "put your hands up" no punk is out of place
And we do rap hands while I shop in outerspace
Meet and greet is super sweet, lasts as long as the show
No cuts, no fucks, no coconuts, back of the line you must go
I'm disarmin and I'm charmin and my Sharpie is spent
I'm luggin then I duck into the van then we jet


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