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Mc Chris - Part One

[Mc chris:]
The horror, it was Zorro, he was wearin a mask
I was out with my folks, and we was havin a laugh
We didn't do this too often, mingle with the proletariats
Folks were almighty and too often they were scaredy cats
Always goin out, leavin me with the help
Always raising funds and I'm left with myself
They saw that I was missin out on bein a kid
Dad said we're goin out and I'm flippin my lid
I was lost in the dark like that time in the cave
Surrounded by bats, alone and afraid
Big Z on my screen meant dueling and danger
How someone so evil, can focus their anger
A hero that sent the injust to their ruin
A mask to protect them from people pursuin
A cape to conceal a collection of tricks
And eveything black, on this he insists

I am the Batman
I jump up and then I land
You don't know what I got in my hand
The shape of a bat you go "SPLAT! " and "KABLAM! "
I am the Dark Knight
I do what's right, but I do it out of spite
Don't look quite right if you turn on the light
I'll land with a boom cause a goon wanna fight

[Mc chris:]
Dad, had, the limo out back
I was sacked out cause I'm a little lad
Don't wanna be older, head's on his shoulder
I heard a loud sound, and I went on the ground
It was sadly in Crime Alley and my father was dead
My mother was screamin 'til she was shot in the head
See pearls in a puddle that was suddenly red
The memory gets muddled except what the man said
"Ever dance with the Devil in the pail moon light? "
A riddle I'll remember for the rest of my life
This killer was a chiller I was froze to the bone
Alfred found me, I was howlin like a pup on his own
I made a promise to my parents in the circle of light
I would vanquish evil in a cape, maybe some tights
I didn't know how I would do it or which form I would take
I just knew it was a creature only I could create


[Mc chris:]
Tompkins and Pennyworth packed plenty of socks
Brought a legion of luggage drug it down to the docks
But I gave them the slip, stowed away on a freight
I was pissed with being rich, life's a bitch so they say
Foreign land, with the plan and the knowledge within
For soon I'd be a man that would need to begin
This quest to be best and defend the opressed
Packed in the projects like objects and pests
I'd have to return, but for now I would train
I learned tracking and hunting on the African plain
In China learned Tao, Japan, I learned jiu-jitsu
Don't believe you would bleed? Well let me convince you
Nerve pinch in a pinch, never callin off the strike
Used the Quivering Palm, in a fight take a life
Over a hundred forms of hand-to-hand anguish
Rosetta Stone in my dome, earned every language
Studied shadows with ninjas, disguise and escape
Leanred boxing, detoxing, concealing with capes
Went to Cambridge, Sorbonne, but never for too long
'Fore the end of the semester I would have to be gone
Came home to forgotten Gothem's so rotten and twisted
Came home to my mansion and it's vast stash of riches
Brooding in the darkness with a bust of my father
A bat through the window, a question of honor


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