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Mc Chris - Pop Goes The Weasel

Hey this Horatio guy is a Shakespeare character in Hamlet.
I read the cliff notes in ninth grade I'm not a complete imbecile.
Like oh my Gooooood

Yo ladies what's goin on? Yo you wanna get with mc chris you gotta get with me.

Like Peggy and Al, Alex, Jennifer and Mal
Like the Mississippi or the Panama Canel
Like Miss Piggy or the buxom Bev Belle
Name is mc chris and I'm like a val gal
Cause I say like, like My So-Called Life
But too many times and it just ain't right
They say it's just a word like um or uh
Say it too many times it might as well be duh
Kinda sorta whatever and peachy keen
I sound like love letters in Seventeen magazine
Word up oooooooh

Pop goes the weasel cause the weasel makes pop references
Like the Drummonds the Beatys' and the Jeffersons
Pop goes the weasel cause the weasel is screech
I'm livin the life style described by Robin Leach
You know what I'm sayin'?

I'm like fuckin' awesome like David and Goliath
I can dance like Blossom bang your head like Quiet Riot
Beats I might like boss and pass the J to Spicoli
Kick your ass like Axl Foley while you scream holy frijoles
Drinkin shots and still I make you run for the chaser
Like ObiWan Kenobi I display my lightsaber
A Speed racer lazer target your pencil eraser
I'll rub you out name is mc chris your favorite flavor
Above 32 I cut loose like footloose
I'm cool and refreshing like a tall glass of orange juice
You know what I'm sayin'? oooooooh

Pop goes the weasel Cause the weasel is brainless
Jiffy pop on top cause the pop is painless
Like gag me with a spoon cause your shit's like heinous
Pop takes me to the moon cause pop's about being famous

Are you listening to me? By the way there's a naked women in your office shall I tell her to wait?
Say you're pregnant...
I'm pregnant.
That's not funny Say you're pregnant would you tell your best friend?
Ask her?
But what if she'd get an abortion?
I wouldn't dare do it.

Like Eddie is to Coltrane, like Beavis is to butt pain
I lie like cocaine never low like lo mein
Cause fires like propane I'm insane in the membrane
Excuse me for a moment while I drain the main vein
Life's not a board game like Candyland or Chess
Name is mc chris and you know that I'm the best
I'm like Jack Tripper surrounded by the girlies
You with your ascot you're Don Knotts, you're Mr. Furley
You never heard me like your gnarly like cherry
You be George Costanza I'll be smooth like Jerry
Word up oooooooh

Pop goes the weasel cause the weasel got me eagles
That didn't stop Fonzie from actin' like Evil Kenevil
Fuckin evil I'll pop your bubble like the game trouble
Don't take my pop rocks say [?] on the double

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