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Mc Chris - Popcorn Frog

I'm a popcorn frog [x3]
I go ribbit, then I get it [x2]

I'm a popcorn frog
Watch me get it, get it, get it
I'm a popcorn frog
Watch me get it, get it, get it
I'm a popcorn frog
Watch me get it, get it, get it
I go ribbit then I get it
I go ribbit then I get it

[Mc chris:]
I'm a popcorn frog, I like popcorn ya'll
I'm a cute little kernel, I ain't all that tall
Been lovin popcorn since ethyl met alcohol
I'm a popcorn frog, don't be mad at me cause I ball
Made that popcorn sound when I popped out my mom
Get popcorn loud when I'm droppin these bombs
It's like popcorn found in the forest in the fall
I'm popcorn proud, ain't a popcorn fraud
I'm a popcorn frog cause I get it with my tongue
Girl from the counter can't wait to get on
So I saw it in my seat, with my water and my Twizzler
Frog of popcorn, like those [?] at Sizzler
Here's what you ought to do if you want to follow suit
Know that mc got your tongue, like a little froggy do
Bring it on back like a [?] that's all throwed up
Finally you're a popcorn frog, don't say I didn't warn ya


[Mc chris:]
Get popcorn fever, break out in a sweat
Was a popcorn baby I will never forget
Come from home proud school, cuttin through the yard
Cut this class to come I got me feelin life is hard
My reflection in the back it got me mopin and open
Mother made some popcorn just like I was hopin
Inspector Gadget is a habit with a big bowl of corn
Melted butter made my mother now I'm no longer forlorn
So everytime I start sweating in some Cinemax hell
I start thinkin about those days when my life was living hell
Seek silence in the swamp, better off in the bog
Cause there's always corn to pop, I'm a popcorn frog
It's easy being green when there's corn on the scene
It's no prob being a frog when your job is to eat
If I had a popcorn swamp I know there'd be no stoppin
But if a frog had wings he wouldn't bump his ass to hoppin



[Mc chris:]
I'm a popcorn frog

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