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Mc Chris - Restart

[Intro/Chorus: mc chris]
I thought we'd always be together
And for a minute we were severed
But now we're back and now we're better
You're the one that has my heart
I made a mess of countless blessings
You caught me 'fore I could confess things
I said I'm sorry I'm such a sex fiend
Cross your fingers then restart

[Mc chris:]
Ever feel emo when you're readin for fun?
You envision that you're the hero who is needin someone
The hero's love is lost due to death most extreme
So you call up your betrothed tell the truth and come clean
I said your name every day we were apart
I almost went insane without you havin my heart
I couldn't sleep couldn't eat, couldn't function in fact
I thought love was but thunder I was under attack
Relationships are vacant ships without the captain and crew
Bad break ups can be with us matters who it happens to
Wanted somethin better without knowin that you got it
If we're bein honest we both know I'm no Adonis
Take two, take her time, no more rushin the shit
Go on dates, anticipate, take breaks and commit
Communicate with your mate cause she might take flights
Synchronize, Skype, negotiate a Netflix night


[Mc chris:]
Look my love for you united, no matter what we will fight it
No divorce, we decided, just rejoice, get excited
No more groupies for the shtooping, know my heart but she can stop it
Now we're Olive Oyl and Popeye or Mockingbird and Hawkeye
We're like Captain Fred and Maxy gettin busy like we're burglars
Cousin take a bonus for no piracy and murder
Best friends 'til the end, if you square freeze frame
You can meet Crispin Glover, then see lover - he's lame~!
It doesn't get to work just like Thelma and Louise
At a loss without your girl, so you know me on bended knee
Every day we're gettin closer, just be grave little toaster
One of four plus bent up Forbidden Zone poster
You and me and a coaster, first cargo and over
You and me for life, wanna see my wife get older
Wanna brush aside the hair that hold your face by the way
Wanna swallow cookies you baked in our house by the lake


[Long instrumental break]


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