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Mc Chris - Ten Year Old

[mc chris]
What's my name? mc - And what do I do? Rap
M.D.'s screaming need 50 cc's of mc stat
E.R. staff be freakin' like Mariah on the rag
mc chris squeezin' contents out of tiny plastic bags
It's like hypnotizin' eyes and gettin' digits on the pad
Legs seperate like hyphens because mc's still the mack
Identify the items by the bar code on the tag
Identify the rapper cause he's knee deep in the vag
I got my glocks cocked, I got my nine's primed
I got my crosshairs locked on Kelly LeBrock's behind
I got my lungs locked on chemotherapy kind
I got more rhymes than Shel Silverstein and Shakespeare combined

[Chorus: mc chris]
I sound like a ten year old or so I've been told
But you don't need a voice that's low to make the microphone gold
Others claim that they be midas but they got laryngitis
Wo whyn'cha kick it with the mc with the voice that's the highest
So come on

[mc chris]
What's my name? mc - And what do I do? Rock
I'm intimidating jocks and inseminating socks
I'm infiltrating flocks of fembots, high off that hemlock
Mud wrestling bittie buttocks like ox
Let's knock chucks cause we can't afford boots
Let's get high a.k.a. pull tubes
Don't ask why, just let it all loose
Watch this mic get abused, watch me change your attitude
Call me Gavin, I'm the captain of this Carnival Cruise
Kathie Lee lets me rub my dick on her boobs
Aeems tweens in cleavage jeans is many a man's muse
All mc needs is just a bucket of booze
Watch me, blow a load on your butt tattoo
Watch me, come back for seconds like it's chinese food
No one can hear you scream, cause it's a soundproof room
I'm done, get the fuck out, send in number two!


[mc chris]
What's my name? mc - And what do I do? Roll
I'm all up in that shit like it's fuckin cameltoe
Olsen twins on my dick like it's a stripper pole
If you're hooked on the shit, my middle name is methadone
So, let's do this quick so no one will ever know
mc nice got more ice than a fuckin eskimo
He's not whack Nickelback singing songs for Michelob
Jigga man, why you treat me like animal?
At the mall, at the park, rollerink, backyard
Soft hearted bard who makes the hardcore hard
I weigh a buck fiddy, stand five-five
And when I muff dive, you see the fuckin fur fly
Don't own a celly, my sneakers is my ride
Been disgraced, demoted, I been denied
All my fan mail says someday that I'll get signed
mc chris, lower case, no dots, rewind


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