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Mc Chris - The Shit That Reeks

... Those guys. You're a Wanderer.
Now I'm a wanderer Joey. You can't be a Wanderer after graduation. I'm thinking about the future, Joey!
I'll be a Fordham Baldie. Wait and see the Baldies got it made.

(Heeeeeeeey oh, heeeeeeeey oh)

One two kick it maestro
Name is mc chris and yo I must confess
If you find me at the beach yo man I'm always finely dressed
Got my low ride Chucks holy possibly arrestin
If you get me on the dance floor then you'll be impressed
Cause I am the one you like and I got the flavor that flows
If you kick it in the front mc'll kick it in the back
And I'll even help you pick your nose God-damn
So if your ass get interested and you'd like to take a peek
Just check me out like a book-it book
Mine is the shit that reeks
That is a fools mind
Mine is the shit that reeks
Cause a weak mind
Mine is the shit that reeks

Mine is the shit that reeks

(Heeeeeeeey oh, heeeeeeeey oh)
That's right everybody mc chris is going chillin' out in Manhattan
He's kicking it live 24 hours a night and day
You come and check him out ladies...

Time to make the fuckin' doughnuts. I hate this fuckin' job

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