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Mc Chris - Toothpickspliffs

[mc chris peeing and groaning]
Ahh-ha-ha-ha! Aww yeah
Man... I like drank too much liquid
I drank like... like a lot like a lot of liquid!

Smokin and drinkin and smokin and drinkin [x2]
What wha-wha-what wha-wha-what were we thinkin
Smokin and drinkin and smokin and drinkin!

[mc chris]
I don't smoke blunts cause I'm frugal with my dookie
I hach a loogie, spit it out then hit the hoochies
I'm on bud like Hux' comma Rudy
It's my duty to get loopy on the Buddha like it's bootie
I smoke fields, I cold cock crops
I smoke peels, smoke Robe' cough drops
Smoke if it's green, I smoke Monopoly homes
It spices up my life, when the monotony drones
I smoke bags, smoke bails, smoke 'til I see trails
Only time I put it down is when I see a female
Just a minor detail that'll usually pass
I'll hit that ass, hit that glass packed tight with the grass
I smoke Greedo, I smoke Kermit
I smoke the weed 'til it makes me vermit
I - vote third party that's code for get high
Now c'mon, pass the Yoshi to the left hand side
Smokey doesn't like me cause I burn up his trees
I smoke more sesame seeds than I was Mayor McCheese
I'm just a cancer ridden mc seekin pain relief
Pass the marijuana - hit it, hold in, release!!


[mc chris]
I'll scrape your bong steal roaches from your ashtray
I'll rent +Nice Dreams+, I'll rent +Half Baked+
I'll eat a box of Frosted Flakes because they taste great
Only leads to catnaps, doesn't lead to date rape
Light the incense, turn on the blacklight
Steady stressin let's get stoned like stalactites
Break it out, break it up, pack it in the bagpipe
Get on the PC and play a little Half-Life
I hit the apple and I ended up at Applebee's
I went to Wendy's, went to Denny's, went to Mickey D's
I went to Crystal, went to Castle, went to where I pleased
Ate more meat and cheese than Mr. Dom DeLouise
I slept all day and I got nothin accomplished
Just bein honest, I got paranoid and nauseous
I get obnoxious, it's not comin at a constant
It's a pipe, not a pulpit, pass it on or get accosted


[mc chris peeing and groaning]
Maaan I've been
I've been peein the whole song man
Man I do hope it stops at some point
Oh-ho-ho thank God [starts again]
Aww no! Nooo man nooo make it end!
Make it end! (Chris!) What?
(Chris!) What?
(Chris you know this song's about weed man)
I'm takin a pee!

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