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Mc Chris - Tractorbeam

[mc chris]
I'm like Kenny Rogers in "Six Pack," girls won't give my dick back
All this sex affects my syntax, the pistol I pack's impact
Make's you gasp in fact, so sit back, relax
While I grind this axe on your Brazillian wax
Without finishing fast I bask in the slash
Underneath your cinnamon ass, about ten minutes it lasts
I pull it out and pass gas
My name is mc chris, kinda cute, kinda crass
Ladies love me sending pics where they're scantilly clad
Send some back then invite them to come crash at my pad
They're like O M G, oh whattup, that'd be so rad
We make the beast with two backs until we both get whiplash

Get with the program, strip to the slow jam
Slip on a Trojan, kissin the toes and
Move to the knees, go back, repeat
The job ain't done 'til you ruin the sheets
My name is MC, and your name is a creep
Because you creep into my bed about every week
Tractor beam on my bed
Got you actin' le freak
Tractor beam on my bed
Got you actin' le freak

[mc chris]
I should be flirtin with virgins instead of jerkin my gerkin
I should be working the circuit assertive for certain
With little aversion they all open they curtains
Mini-Me starts emergin to be rid of his burden
Did I fail to mention all the ladies say word
Got a panty collection like a Japanese perv
They're prepared to purr and to serve up they curves
I skip the main course, I prefer the hors'douerves
I like thongs, like grannies like any old panties
Hanging on the lampshades as I tap on her back space
I like bows, like lace, like suckin her face
I like fuckin her waist, I make a bucket of paste
When her eyes roll back it means her memory's erased
Slow-mo, tip-toe my ass out of her place
I quickly run to the clinic, a Q-tip in my diddick
I wait two very long weeks to know if these nuts need a medic
So c'mon


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