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Mc Eiht - All Around The Hood

feat. Boom Bam

CMW one time, c'mon
Half Ounce
Millenium money

Who wanna ride with me and make some money-money?
One-times is hot on my trails, ain't shit funny
My mind state: we can get the cash
Kick in the back door, some punk ass and smash
You wit' me? you can have paper to floss
You can ride around the town, play the big boss
Lil' niggas dying to be on yo' team
Everybody looking your way, you got cream
No fucking tattle tales, trips to jail
Have a all-around trip like back with mail
Hell, it feels good still, dips the hood
Compton, Long Beach, Watts and Inglewood
Hoes, holler back if you like the mack
Of the West walkin' nigga who ready for contact
You slide with yo' homie if you love the town
Ruffnecks and fly girls keep holding it down


All around the hood we go

You wanna take a trip? Then come visit California
And roll with me through the hood on Daytonas
I take you to my kick-it spots
Where all the homies got they glock cocked ready to pop
That's how we do it over here, what's happ'nin?
We drink beers, smoke guns and play mackin'
Well, it's the same old bullshit in every ghetto
But niggas in my hood don't listen to heavy metal
Just that real deal hard knock life shit
Only smoke the greenery, never that white shit
Who said my nigga Binky Mack ain't got tracks? (who?)
Who said Compton's Most Wanted don't pack straps? (who?)
Me and Eiht 'bout to show you fools where is at
Talkin smack to your bitches behind our backs
But life goes on in the neighborhood
It's all bad, ain't a damn thang all good


Lifestyles of a ghetto star in a ghetto car
Ghetto nigga for life, always up to par
Meet me at the spot if y'all smokin'
Party at the hood house, no jockin'
Same shit, different day, one lesson
Hoes'll set your ass up, so packs the Smith & Wesson
Same story on my block, what about yours?
Girls get down like they live, sometimes the blood pours


Once again
I said it before
Half Ounce
Millenium money

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