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Mc Eiht - Automatic

Hoo-Bangin in the house c'mon
Eihthype in the house c'mon
And I'm representin
Real Compton City G's on this one
My nigga [??] in the house
We gon set it off like this

[Verse 1]
Y'all niggas wanna toss on me
Throw sum
Get ready for the hot one here it come
Y'all scream like bitches scheme my riches
Too suspicious my Glock rocks to your jaw
Nigga just too vicious land of the lost
Who's the boss get tossed have you seen her
My Nina, she's catchin a misdemeanor
My rep gets bigger my finger on the trigger
I cocks the hammer back like 'fucks you nigga!'
I let loose shells fly like the [?spruise-goose?]
Push weight protects mine, much juice
I hoo-bangs with a gang and slangs caine
Fuck what you tryin to get nigga, it's my thang!
[??] cops more white and hit claims
I serves everything from white to mary jane
I'm hittin the one times with a fake last thing
Just to keep my ass on the streets, in the game, it's automatic

I represent the hoodrats and the B.G's
The niggas on the corner whop white to make cheese
If you want some then niggas bring static
It's automatic

[Verse 2]
You need to get at me, I'm the G
Locin and provokin dips blocks with cavi
Search a ki' cross the street and smash out
The '63 bounce back to the same route
You fools best get the fuck off my cold tales
Gang tales of how the fuckin dead body smells
Late night horror shows in jail cells
Represent where you from no one to tell
Life ain't nuthin but the hood and snaps
Hoodrats carry work with straps in they laps
Quarter niggas with nicknames play craps
Enemies tryin to cross the front line
Get capped nuthin but escape, uh
Second flat my gat let loose like 'Rat-a-tat-tat'
The underground hero guess y'all is back
My custom, my khaki suit and a blue cap, automatic


[Verse 3]
I make it difficult for a nigga to find me
Crazy-ass Hoo-Bangin G's behind me
You're fucked up for that last time fo' sho'
Now you know, two in your door, four to the floor
Any nigga wanna bring it-bring
I guarantee your ass will hear the glock sing
Quick to hit out like [name] the street king
Shells ricochet up your body, ping ping
Eazy don't come to [??] pound
West to the chest
Is the best get-coast
On the contrary I shots down your post
You're gettin next to me, uh, too close
Close down your whole block froze down
Infiltrators end up-no sound
You sorry muthafuckas here's your showdown
Eiht caught a hot one now I'm county-bound, automatic


Eihtype in the house c'mon
Hoo-Bang in the house c'mon
Y'all know how the fuck we do it
Y'all know how the fuck we're livin
Real Compton G's
I said them real Compton G's
My nigga 'Fredwreck' and 'Julio G' on the beat
Y'all know how the fuck we do this
Hoo-Bangin affiliates till we die nigga
Compton till we rest
You know we're the best
The WEST (westside)

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