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Mc Eiht - Can I Still Kill It

The nigger ho's is back in this muthafucka
Mc Eiht, DJ Slip, Half Ounce, Eihthype

Bitch I'm only out to fuck, get your lips ready to suck
As I go up in you like a mack truck
What's love got to do with this?
Get butt naked as I squeeze on your ass and grab your tits
Shit just call me Mr. King Kong
With my nuts in your mouth while you play ping pong ho'
I start killin' that twat, you start whinin'
Take out the big blow pop and start slimin'
So get ready for the big blacks nigga
Eiht can stick her, it's a winner, tie you over till dinner
Bitch, my shit is beef, fuck
Bacon no fakin, play hard to get and I'm taking
So give that big fat ass a rest
With my shit in your mouth as I sit on your chest
Geah like my homies from D-F-C: you can get the dick!
Bitch, I'm ready to stick
Can I still kill it?

Uh, what up
And all the ho's in the house, geah
All the ho's in the house, geah
All the ho's in the house, uh
We don't love them ho's, geah

Geah, take off them G-string drawers
So I can start to break down your sugar walls, uh
I'll smack it, flip it, rub it, tap it
Bend over, stick it up a little bit so I can slap it
All over that big fat tail
Making you come faster than the metro rail
Uh, I'm rubbin' your clit, you want me to stick cause you gettin hot
Bend over to the side so I can hit the spot
Bitch throw your legs on top of my shoulder
I kill that mutherfuckin' twat I thought I told you
I thought it was cool pimpin, playin like Michael ????
But the bitch was scandlous like Robin Givens
I guess i just couldn't handle this
Twat that's deeper than Atlantis
Oh geah, pussy so big that I can't even feel it
But fuck it, I'ma still kill it

And that's how it goes down in the 94
Like my nigga Doggy Dogg say:
We don't love them hoes!
And like my nigga Too $hort say:
I give you a bitch before I give you a joint
And like my nigga Ant Banks say:
Bitch, I'm only out to fuck
And it's going down like that
Yo Willie take me the fuck outta here

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