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Mc Eiht - Def Wish III

You got it started, so let me finish
Fool you can't fuck with the straight up menace, nigga
It's time to pull your fucking card
Bookworm, let me see you squirm cause you ain't that fucking hard
Huh, you tried to put it to the test
But ain't no way your bullet proof vest can protect that bird chest, nigga
Call me the night creeper, the Grim Reaper
Like Boss is deeper, can't escape the street sweeper
Uh, say hello to the motherfucking two
And try to pimp like you're so damn cool
Nigga, I fly heads, leave your whole family dead
Save the drama for your mama cause Eiht flies lead
Yeah, I catch that ass up on the flip side
Eiht a loaded lit clip and Quik died
I'm giving you a chance to get your bail on
I'm taking my nine and putting it to your fucking dome
Now throw your fucking hands in the air
When Eiht is evil cause I got the damn Desert Eagle, nigga
You on your ass like fast in a trap
Me? I fuck your ass like a hoodrat bitch in heat
Take two to your chin and punk I'm straight
Like I said in the beginning don't fuck with Eiht

Don't fuck with Eiht [x4]

I need two straps to complete the task
Putting double up fucking wholes in your ass
Think fast, cause you ain't to quick to get dicked wit
You just another punk ass bitch talking bullshit
Uh, it's time to vamp, lick my nuts like a stamp
Before your ass breaks camp, you get fucked like a tramp
Named David, they should call you Silly Billy
Mark-ass nigga gets rolled like a philly
And you don't want to see me
DJ Quik in a khaki bikini
You're schiesty, keniving, skinny like a clucker
Must be smoking, you's a short motherfucker
You can't handle these things when I slang
Cheap like SWV you're too weak
Put your shit up on a hanger
Never could you fade a Compton banger
Nigga, I'm the one that'll make you cancel all your shows
Strictly for my niggas, so fuck them hoes
No sing no dance, no dance no sing
Just your bald-headed ass with your lips on my big fat thing
Def Wish 3, fool, I lay you to bed
Nighty night, motherfucker, take two to the head
Just some more Eiht shit for that punk that I pop
Uh, and it just don't stop, uh, and it won't stop
And it don't stop, uh, and it won't stop
And it don't stop, uh, and it won't stop
Uh, don't fuck with Eiht, bitches, sing

Don't fuck with Eiht [x4]

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